Mother Nature’s “Lightning”: A Clear And Present Danger

A Texas rancher, unfortunately, found some of his livestock, which has been standing near a fence, dead from a lightning strike. Each year, world-wide it is estimated that domestic, as well as feral animals, are killed in the hundreds of thousands by lightning strikes. The cost to the owners of the herds is prodigious. The reality of the matter is not much has been done to protect livestock in such weather. If one ‘thinks outside the box’ there is no reason insulated transportable small ‘barns’ could not be designed and inexpensively manufactured for herd shelters.

In the areas, such as Arkhangai Province near Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, herders lose thousands of their animals yearly due to horrendous lightning storms, snow and wind. In -30C [-22F] temperatures; this loss can be reduced significantly with the aforementioned portable insulated ‘small barns’. Losses from electrical storms, in particular, could be prevented. As for humans, we are better off.

The capacity to kill, from lightning’s electrical energy, is well-known by all. In fact, it kills on average, approximately 6 people per million, per year, world wide. If one presumes there exists approximately 7.8 billion people on Earth, one sees that 46,850+/- people perish yearly from strikes. In agricultural areas around the world, for humans, the death toll is higher, due to lack of effective shelters, than of residents in cities. In urban areas one is safer due to effective housing. Since lightning injuries exceed deaths, by ten times, human suffering is quite vast. Numerically, lightning strikes to humans,and animals, as well damage such as forest fire started from the strikes, are as destructive as many ‘Influenza Pandemics’. As to ‘Flora’ damage, there is no contest.

Having engaged in hard rock mining, many of us are quite familiar with lightning storms causing ignition of blasting caps for dynamite charges. [We are also aware of firearms shots detonating sticks of dynamite; This we have witnessed]. For miners, several thousand feet underground, lightning can kill; as historical evidence in Africa has shown. It behooves executives of mining companies to secure the best of insulation for their miners in remote locales, world-wide.

It is imperative for effectively-insulated building designs to be employed, as the, in-fashion phrase, ‘Climate Change’ [no longer, “Global Warming”] evidences climatic deviance in weather patterns. This evolution in climate may produce more electrical storms in greater varied locations, and of stronger electrical intensities. At present, it appears that Japan is the leader in building fabrications with the fewest lightning strike victims in the world; a fact of which the country’s leaders should be proud.

Reality: For all living creatures and humanity, respect for ‘Mother Nature’ with her powers is essential. Those unaware, or in denial, can pay the price for this lack of acknowledgement.


☆ One Country’s ‘Patriot’ Is Another Country’s ‘Terrorist’

News Analysis: The portrait in Harbin, China’s Railway Station of  a Korean National who assassinated the Prime Minister of Japan, in 1909, has upset the Japanese Citizenry. Both China and Korea are of the opinion that such a ‘Memorial’ to this Event will bring World Peace against Hegemony;  which may lead to Invasion by a Country against another Nation.

Certainly, if one looks at the History of China, in particular, but also of Korea, will find THEIR BEING INVADED, THROUGHOUT THE CENTURIES. 

At the present time, both China and Korea seek to bolster their Defenses against possible future attack by Myopic Nations. The Tu Quoque aspect of  Hegemonic Nations  (HN) is that they decry China and Korea’s Defense Expenditures for modernization while proportionately spending much more themselves! ‘HN’s’ also export more weaponry to other nations by logarithmic proportions than does China or Korea.

Another inconsistency in the logic of ‘HN’s, is for example, China presently funds America $1.3+ TRILLION DOLLARS! Does the funding of an “Enemy”, $1.3+ TRILLION DOLLARS make Any Sense Whatsoever? When has such a colossal Financial Event like this Ever Occurred in the Military History of Mankind? NEVER. Yet, Politicians and the Mass Media constantly harangue about the “Asian Peril”; NONSENSE!

China has much money and does not need a War to help spur its Economy as possibly do other Nations now. The World Bankers who ‘Win By Wars Being Fought’ (a Historical Fact) are not going to financially influence a Nation with Trillions of Dollars in its Treasury; but may do so to a Nation with $17+ Trillion Dollars in Debt.

Which is the ONLY Nation in the World to drop Atomic Bombs on another country? Over the past Five Decades, which is the only SUPER POWER to invade Nations in another Continent?

Intense Thinking can Improve one’s Wisdom.



☆ Japan May Purchase Tungsten From Northeastern Australia

News Analysis: A Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) has been signed by Japanese Business Interests and the Queensland Government. Acquisition of Tungsten Concentrate, from a large mining operation north of Cairns, Australia, is sought for High-Speed Rail in Japan. Already, personnel are being hired in anticipation of commencing production for the Japanese.

6000 tons of Tungsten Concentrate a year  is anticipated to be produced; at a cost of $270 Million Dollars a Year. This will help boost the economies of Cooktown, Cairns, Townsville, and beyond.

The Japanese will benefit by having the ore to produce the raw metal for both Rail Rolling Stock and Tooling from a good business partner.

Queensland has been supplying the Japanese with various ores for half a century. This ‘MOU’

will continue the relationship. It also covers oil and gas, as well as other ores beyond Tungsten Concentrate. It will be a “Win-Win” Series of Commercial Transactions between the Australians and the Japanese.


Japan’s Territory Might Expand Naturally

News Analysis: Japan’s Territory Might Expand Naturally through the growth of  a Volcanic Islet. If Lava Output exceeds Ocean-caused Erosion, a Japanese Island will be created. Extending Japan’s Sovereignty out to such an Anticipated Island, would give the country thousands of square kilometers of Territory. The territorial increase would bode well for Japanese Fisheries and the like.


Northern Territory, Australia May Become a Thoroughfare to Asia

News Analysis:  Entrepreneurs throughout the world should consider the close proximity of Northern Territory [NT] to over 2,000,000,000 people to its north. If one considers the possibility of mining various minerals in NT as well as developing manufacturing to serve the aforementioned neighboring masses [China, India,  Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam,  etc.], opportunities abound. The  “Hard Work Ethic” of Australians makes the area even better for investment. An Entrepreneur should realize above all: “THE WORLD BELONGS TO THE AGGRESSIVE.”