☆ Global Warming?: America’s Lake Michigan Is Covered With A Record Amount Of Ice

News Analysis: A Record 90% of Lake Michigan is covered in Ice. In Mid-February, ALL the Great Lakes were covered in Ice. One might ask: “If Politicians keep bantering about Global Warming, as they certainly do, does it not take substantially colder temperatures to Cause 90% Ice Coverage (a Record); this  over ALL of the Great Lakes?”

Perhaps an “Oxymoron” would be the best delineation for ‘Global Warming’s Record Icing’.

Many Scientists think the Natural “Ebb and Flow” of the Earth’s Temperatures, which have proven to Historically have happened (evidenced through Biologic and Geologic Examinations) should merely be referred to as “Climate Change”. 

The Connotative Suggestion in “Global Warming” is both Conclusive And Directional. The Denotative Value of “Climate Change” is Objectively Descriptive.

As important as the Earth’s Temperature is, Emotionalized Pronouncements by Politicians and their Mass Media Minions does NO Good Service to this Subject. “Phony Causality” Benefits NO Thinking Individual. 


Reference: http://tinyurl.com/pvayfjn