Institute for Management Development [I.M.D.] Has Cyprus As Most Improved Country In World Competitiveness

The latest yearly service of this prestigious ranking entity shows a eleven position improvement for Cyprus. This was in the combination of essential improvement elements rated. Of 63 nations, Cyprus ranks number 30.

In this I.M.D. ranking, Singapore was number one, followed by Denmark as the second most competitive country. Switzerland being number three. They are to be congratulated for their achievements.

The three largest commercial countries, China, Russia, and the United States, each had a declination. This, as should be understood, was due to the current world economy. It is much harder for the largest of commercial populations, even when led by very capable governments, to adjust, to unanticipated health debacles. Smaller Nations can respond quicker; They, which by their mere sizes have less complexity, of macro-operation, can adapt apace.

It behooves all of the report-listed 63 ‘entries’, as well as the remaining 130+ countries, in the world, to evaluate the I.M.D. report. They should do everything possible to raise their rankings higher. This benefits their citizens and makes for a copacetic commercial world, we can all profit by..

Reality: There are many ways to judge a country’s competitiveness; one being: If all the citizens living therein, have smiles on their faces.


Going For Gold [Au]: Wise Nations’ Leaders See Beyond The Horizon

Russia, is predicted to lead China in mining of Gold, in future years, per Fitch Corporation. In its analysis of Gold Mining Operations, Fitch thinks that the prodigious production rates of Gold mining will increase even further than present rates of production, in Russia.

China has taken a cautious view of Gold mining processes. Cyanide is used extensively in the conversion process. Mining raw ore; crushing and grinding; heap leaching with Cyanide; Carbon processing, to Dore; to smeltered purity is the methodology. Since Chinese populations are near present-day mining operations, a retardation of Au activities, in China, is the result.

China presently, has expanded its Au production desires to South America, where substantial Au mineralizations are located. In a large commercial transaction, the Chinese have wisely accumulated ownership interest in Argentina. Venezuela, with large Gold deposits, are of interest, and one can easily envision others locations of their possible future intentions: Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, and Peru immediately come to mind by we, who consider such assets.

Russia has a enviable Au environment in which its mining companies deal: that is, large deposits of Gold, many being relatively distant from large populations. Since the cost effectiveness of Gold mining is certainly scalar, going from ‘Shaft’ Mining’ to “Open Pit’ Mining’ will lead to significant cost savings. ‘Up Front’ costs are much greater in the latter; for example, Excavators, Graders, Haulers, Shovels, and the like must be utilized. However, in ‘Shaft Mining’, with its ‘descent’ followed by ‘branching’, followed by ‘descent’, and then again, ‘branching’, is not very efficient. In shaft mining, ore grade quality is of extreme importance; one ‘follows the vein’ Typically, quantities are far less recoverable than in ‘Open Pit’ operations. . Open Pit’ mining, if Au deposits are of significant size, and ‘good’ ore grade quality, wins the scalar-efficiency race.

In Mining, beyond the day-to-day costs, risks and rewards, is the fundamental economic truth: Since the dawn of civilizations, Gold has been revered as of lasting value; ‘Ink printed on paper’ “Fiat Currency” has not. It will not endure as a steadfast measure of value. Even its composition is ‘weak’ compared to Gold. The alleged, 6,000 tons of Gold, said to be held by the U.S. Government, verifies that America also agrees with China and Russia about the inherent worth of Gold.

Reality: Metallic Gold, which came to Earth from outer space, is a ‘Heaven Sent’ enduring-value commodity; It makes ‘Fiat Currencies’ “fodder for fleecing the financial foolish”.


Sydney, Australia River Is “Pretty” Polluted; A Ecologic Wake-Up Call For All

A surprised Sydney, Australia resident witnessed an aesthetic “Mauve” coloration of the Duck River, which flows through a portion of the city. Viewing a lack of bird and other animal life, people were concerned about the formerly muddy-brown water flow.

Fortunately for fauna and flora, in and abutting the Duck River, no apparent damage has been reported. However, one may presume that minimally, the aquaculture in the river have been affected negatively, by the unknown chemical[s]. Officials have yet to identify the miscreants and bring them to justice. The fact that the Duck River is slowly transitioning back to is muddy-brown mode is good.

ANY entity dealing with chemicals has to realize the possibility of contamination by the chemicals, accidentally or not. Since ‘Ignorance’ is never a viable excuse for contamination, we suggest an approach to those who may be found responsible. We would advocate a “No Bite, No Fright” rationale for the adjudicator to utilize in evaluating all of the evidence. A punishment with a ‘Strong Gavel’ may persuade others to be law abiding. In this Duck River case, we think that since the contaminator did not contact the authorities regarding this substantial area ‘dirtying’, he, she, or they, should pay the price: a substantial fine and incarceration might be attention- gainers for others too.

Reality: The price of contamination by a few, should never have to be paid for by ‘Mother Nature’.


Cyprus Leads Other Clean Waters European Countries as Beaches Are To Be Enjoyed

Cyprus has lead the way in clean, clear waters for its beaches. Other countries in extremely close rankings are: Austria, Malta, Greece, and Croatia; all are to be congratulated. As International Businessmen, we know from our travels, how enticing is is to swim in clean, clear waters. Additionally, from a commercial point of view: ‘Cleanliness and Purity of Waters’ are sought for man’s psyche [beautiful, compelling, and rewarding].

International visitors, with much cash to spend, will seek out not only ‘Five Star’ hotels, but will also seek out beautiful beaches which are deemed ‘Safe’ in which to swim. Smart businessmen should certainly seek certification of their adjoining waters as an excellent marketing tool.

It behooves all businessmen to do everything possible to make sure their beaches and waters are not only ‘non-polluted’ but of the highest level in ‘cleanliness and clarity’. Clean waters can make for: Clear ‘Selling’ of one’s “ship” to possible ‘passengers’. It can mean more Euros into one’s business bank account.

Reality: A wholesome image, backed by verification, endures for those who want to win.


Australian Bureaucrats, In A Short Span Of Time, Allowed 46,000 Years Of Culture To Be Devastated

When a mining company wanted to engage in site development, it obtained the proper certification from the Australian government. The problem is that the bureaucrats in the government did NOT properly engage in ‘Due Diligence’; this, in assessing the effects of the intended actions of the mining company applicant. Negligently, they approved its permit. The explosives detonated, during site development, collapsed the Aborigines sacred caves; artifacts were destroyed. Unfortunately, 46,000 years of culture went up in smoke, due to the explosives’ forces. .

It appears that the Federal Government of Australia is re-thinking the entire Permit Process on Indigenous lands; this is good. Another large mining company, apparently understood the tragedy of the damage due to ‘Bureaucrat Inefficiency’ and lack of cultural cognizance. This new applicant must now carefully proceed with its intended mining activities. Since mining companies want to engage in resources extractions, with NO intentions of destroying cultures, they ALL must heed the opinions of those who own the land; this, if they want to mine successfully therein.

We love mining and understand the arduous nature of this ‘beast’; one which can be very unforgiving to those ‘plying the ground [above or below]’. It is our opinions that in evaluating a possible site, beyond the topography, core and seismic evaluations, mining executives MUST consider: the flora, fauna, and “Occupant Culture”. That which existed and/or exists, must be entered into the investment equation. This, even if it adds expenses to a potential operation.

Land remediation should also be duly costed into a potential project. It behooves EVERY mining operation to leave a mine site similar to what it was, before even core samples were obtained. Good “Community Will’ is priceless for a successful business. The smell of a bad reputation exceeds the location of the ‘business corpse’.

Reality: There is NO substitute for Integrity, an asset which can only be earned, never purchased.


Bangladesh Finance Minister Sets Priorities To Save Lives And Commerce

As the Finance Minister in Dhaka, Bangladesh smartly defined the capitalization needs of his country’s 164 million residents, we as International Businessmen, collectively applaud him. This Gentleman has demonstrated compassion for mankind and leadership using sound judgement. The fact that he is apparently of the opinion: “Solve the immediate CV-19 problem, we can resolve lesser issues later” demonstrates competence in administration.

Bangladesh has quite a variety of export items: Iron, Steel, Metal Products, Pharmaceuticals, Spices, Tobacco, et al. A government led by a business-friendly administration should surely be examined by investors everywhere. A reputation of a strong Bangladeshi work ethic facilitates such decisions by the prudent.

As the Finance Minister understands, CV-19 which arrived, will soon depart, as influenzas do. CV-19, which will have NOT destroyed Bangladesh, will make it stronger. The fact that the country evidences good leadership, furthers our analysis of Bangladeshis beating CV-19; this country being an obvious location to examine business opportunities.

Reality: The integrity of the leaders of a country are even more important than the physical resources of the nation.


“Out Of The Box” Thinking May Accelerate Creation Of Viable Vaccines

All too often Medical Professionals are ideologically constrained to ‘follow the road’ as to creating solutions to diseases. They merely regurgitate the dicta of what their professors taught them. If they want research grants, which they all do, they do not ‘push the envelope’ towards creative actions which their grantors might not comprehend. So, they stay conservative, and gain little. A obvious example of that which we are writing about, are ulcers created by bacteria, not anxiety. The Doctors who thought ‘Outside the Box’, hypothesized, tested, examined the results, and knew they were making a break-through in medicine. A physical move to Australia was mandated.

A very recent “Outside the Box” ideation, processing, and examination of positive results has been performed towards the Mosquito, a physically proven pandemic producer. In this case, the young lady decided to study, en masse, the effects of Mosquito Spit, as a combination, rather than a unitary approach. So far, it appears that many of the diseases born by the Mosquito, may possibly be attenuated with a ‘Bulk Vaccine’; further research is duly warranted.

The important lesson is: If one “Thinks outside the Box” great rewards are possible; if one merely follows standard research protocols, mediocre gains are assured.

Reality: With Great Risks, there are the possibilities of Great Satisfaction.


International Investment Bankers Awaken To A 21st Century Tool

‘Teleconferencing’ has been available and widely used for a number of years world-wide. While many businessmen availed themselves the use of such a tool, many International Investment Bankers [I.I.B.s] did not. Apparently, they believed the myths of their predecessors that ‘Eye-To-Eye” contact was necessary to establish a bond of trust with their customers; in fact, many absolutely adhered to this fantasy. An important incentive to this delusion was the fact that five star hotels, limousines, first-class cabins, and other perks were included with each jaunt to a possible customer. With their banks paying for all the costs, and the public picking up a big portion of the expenses, through the banks tax deductions, the I.I.B.’s were happy.

We, in our daily activities have been, over many decades, exposed to such gentlemen, and aware of their mandate. What has escaped us has been that a International Businessman trains continuously in close observations of those with which he or she is in contact. This is especially true as to I.I.B.’s who are offering to control one’s assets. The old adage: “The Eyes Do Not Lie.” is especially applicable to such people. Additionally, much as a “Psychological Stress Evaluator” machine listens and analyzes, so do we. In fact over enough years of practice, this talent is effective even over a mere telephone call. Do not I.I.B.’s understand this?

I.I.B.’s must now stay at home and try to convince customers of the efficiencies and their rewards to possible clients. To seasoned I.I.B.’s, this will not be a problem. To the university-educated novices, who have not been schooled by their professors in such ‘Arts’, this will be a major hurdle. We hope that those I.I.B.’s who wear their arrogance near their cuff-links on their shirts; we have met many, will be humbled by the Internet Technology of Teleconferencing [in trying to close deals]. For those who fail as to the demands of ‘Remote Associations’, they should practice a different profession.

Technology is wonderful, but it is a mere tool which should be used to work for the greatest asset of man [which is located above his eyes and between his ears]. And, at least the I.I.B.’s do not have to sit for hours, inside aircraft with mediocre Environmental Control Systems which do not stop Covid-19 and its many ‘cousins’

Reality: Quick adaptations, to new Business “Environmental” demands, separate ‘Survivors’ from ‘Fatalities’.


Chinese Wisely Move To Protect Pangolins

Beijing has decided to protect Pangolins from consumption for Traditional Medical uses. To its credit, and to the Pangolins relief, the animals’ death rate from harvesting should decline. Cultural norms of medical usages can sometimes interfere with successful modern medical practices. In rare instances, where a alleged designed malady is encountered, traditional medical practicers may be blamed erroneously. Until the W.H.O. comes to a thorough understanding about the actual source[s] of CV-19, it is best to eliminate possible alleged antagonists from the ‘possible culprit[s]’ equation, if that is what the science shows.


Negligent Airlines, Decades Late, Finally Pay The Piper

It is very interesting as we watch the many negligent airline ‘Executives’, who for decades had the opportunities to require airframes to make their Environmental Control Systems [E.C.S.] of the aircraft they wanted to purchase, Influenza resistant; they did not. Instead, they allowed mediocre filtration systems inside aircraft to be installed. Influenza has existed for a very long time and methodologies such as UVC, for example, which destroy the viruses, have been available for decades. Even electric grid systems can assist on this regard. 

Since the late 1960’s, when the E.C.S. systems were being designed for effective filtration, through the use of such technologies, the E.C.S. makers refused to improve their products because: “It would add additional costs to the aircraft” or, “Added weight to an aircraft is bad”, or “It is hard to kill small germs”. These feeble excuses were also stated by the airframes as rationales for non-improvement in E.C.S. efficiencies for the public’s health. The opposite of the aforementioned occurred due to the inept thinking of Airline ‘Executives’ and airframe ‘Executives’,: they stuffed aircraft with more seats, smaller width seats, and narrower ‘pitch’ between the seats. This certainly has the health effect of possible contaminating  more passengers per flight. While it improved the airlines ticket sales and profitability, it endangered their customers. Yet, airline after airline bragged about how many passengers they were ‘stuffing into each ‘bird’; the public ‘be damned’.  

Today, people are not flying because they are beginning to understand how, for DECADES, they had been treated as mere sheep. Health concerns  of passengers were NOT, and presently are NOT, airline ‘Executives’ concerns.  These same ‘Geniuses of Flight’ in airlines and airframes do NOT MENTION E.C.S. systems inefficiencies, because they are aware of legal liabilities due to their negligence. This E.C.S. contamination problem which exists in ALL COMMERCIAL AIRCRAFT, may not be as ludicrous as “Learning to fly a commercial aircraft with an ‘I-Pad'”, but it is much more dangerous to more people, since it effects all of those who fly; both crew and passengers.

We are of the opinion that due to the decades of non-concern for passengers’ physical health and comfort, by both the airframes and airlines, they should NOT be bailed out by monies coming from the governments; Victims should NOT pay their violators. Instead, the ‘Executives’  should: Admit their historic avarice and stupidities; Install virus-stopping systems;  and Return to less cramped seating for the passengers. If some airlines go broke, then ‘survival of the financially fittest’ is being maintained. The inept bunglers certainly did NOT deserve to contaminate their passengers as they have.

Reality: Forget the “Marketing Hype and Smiles”, instead assess sitting in a confined space, for hours, with the ‘horde’.