“Positive Oceans Index”: How Well Nations Treat Their Waters = Some Can Be Proud, Some Should Do More [It Can be Money In Their ‘Banks’]

Geneva, Switzerland’s “Positive Travel” Association has ranked the various Nations with seas and or oceans abutting them. Using such ratings: Marine Diversity; Coastal Development & Infrastructure; Leisure Activities; and, Conservation & Regeneration, it has qualified and quantified the aforementioned by country. This very important work should provide a good assessment tool for both Nations’ Leaders as well as Capitalists who wish to invest in this multi-billion dollar subject.

We, as International Businessmen, try to keep looking ‘beyond the horizon’ for long-term investment opportunities as well as ‘keep our ear to the railroad track’ for short-term gains. Wise investors understand: “Disregard the ‘fluff’ constantly fermented by Main Stream Media [MSM] Journalists (Business, Financial, or General-Interest), and seek out ‘verifiable, quantified information’ from reputable sources [there are some]. Additionally, “Get your own people out into the field” {about 200 countries} to observe actualities, not mere rumors.

As we had heard the plaintive cries of “Global Warming!, Global Warming!”, by people of certain special interests, our observations proved correct: “Climate Change” was occurring. This is not so much a exclusive ‘Anthropogenic Creation’, but more of being in consonance with natural events on both Gaia as well as contributions from outer space. Thus being the case, commercial rewards can be attained by assessing both what is happening in Nature, in coordination with future environmental realities; one must think things through [forget the MSM rhetoric].

Towards, the aforementioned goals, businessmen and political leaders should make careful reviews of the “Positive Oceans Index” and see ‘what fruit may be growing on the trees’. One way or another, there are large dollars at play.

Reality: The Wise seize, the Abundance provided by the Seas, since It, they have the ability to see.

Reference: https://www.thedubrovniktimes.com/news/croatia/item/10197-croatia-named-one-of-the-best-countries-in-the-world-for-ocean-conservation