Afghanistan’s Bribers Flourish, Like Its Poppy Crops (Newsletter Exclusive)

As Afghanistan tries to stand erect, ‘pay-offs’ inside and outside of the government, make efforts improbable of success. The existing situation is like trying to sit steadfast on a three-legged stool [with termites inside each stool leg].

We will analyze Afghanistan’s ‘currents’ for our Premium Subscribers. Suggestions are provided, to stop the ‘financial games’; and, how investors can prosper in Afghanistan [a Horn of Plenty].


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Airbus Makes Emergency Landing Because Of A Hot Oven

News Analysis: Airbus Makes Emergency Landing Because Of A Hot Oven  since the Airline apparently knew Cosmetic Fiberglass-Bagged Insulation is worthless (in stopping the level of Oven Heat from transferring to the rest of the Aircraft). Too bad the Aircraft did not have the ‘Cocoon of Protection’ “Mega-Temp™” Insulation therein (rather than 1930’s-invented Cosmetic Fiberglass Insulation).

If an Airline wants its Aircraft to: Control Thermal Radiation from the Sun; Keep Fuselage Interiors Warm on the ground in the Winter and at  Cruise Altitude; Reduce Noise Levels; have less Weight, and STOP Fire Progression, then usage of ‘Mega-Temp™” is essential.

Airlines that purchase Aircraft, and ask for “Mega-Temp™”  Insulation to be installed therein, at the Manufacturer, must realize: WE WILL NOT PAY BRIBES in the forms of either Free Ownership Interest In Our Company to the Airframes or their Executives, NOR Monies to Airframe Executives (historically, they have asked for both). 



European Union Members Fight Bribes And Corruption Costing Them 120 Billion Euros Yearly

News Analysis: At a cost of 120 Billion Euros ($158 Billion Dollars) Yearly, The European Union (EU), is trying to come to grips with this ‘Grand Vol’. Bribes paid and General Corruption at all levels of Government and Private Business, many people think, is of even Greater Cost than that which has been estimated.

Economic Recovery in Europe cannot advance as it should with this Unaudited Flow of Funds perhaps leaving Europe and going to “Safer Environs” for the Miscreants. If one adds in Repatriated Funds being sent out of Europe to other Continents an anticipated recovery may take longer to achieve.

Even more costly is the fact, that much like in America (the Wealthiest and perhaps Most Corrupt Nation in terms of Amount of Money involved in Individual “Deals”) are the Ideas, Inventions, and Technologies that will never see the ‘Light of Day’ without Payoffs; it is Systemic throughout High Technology Industries (especially Aircraft Manufacturing). Management will never utilize a Product unless they “Own a Piece of It”! Who in America ever goes to Prison for Bribery in getting Federal or State Contracts?

One cannot put a Price Tag on the cost to Europe or in America; “Pay if you want to Play”.

Legitimate Governments, Corporations, and Citizens need to adopt the Mantra: “Take the Thievery Away, We will Not Pay”.