Chinese Discovery of America in About 2000 B.C. Gets More D.N.A. Support

News Analysis: Chinese Discovery of America in about 2000 B.C. gets more D.N.A. support per Anthropologists studying the matter since the Ancient Writings of both the discovery as well as the Exploration of some of America, by Chinese Maritimers, are reinforced by D.N.A. Sampling. “The Chinese got to America around 2000 BC, and that they … Read more

Chinese Yuan Quickly Becoming an International Currency

News Analysis: Chinese Yuan Quickly Becoming An International Currency bodes well for other Nations of the World: It gives those Countries an additional Financial Choice. As Small Examples: a Government can engage in Arbitrage of its own currency against the U.S. Dollar or the European Euro. In  doing so, the value of its Currency Reserves … Read more