Russian Rouble is Acceptable in Chinese City

News Analysis: Russian Rouble is Acceptable in Chinese City as both Countries expand transactions freely.  On the Sino-Russian border in Northeast China, Suifenhe, commences consumer currency interactions for Russian Shoppers. This policy of using both Countries’ Currencies is very Wise. As these Nations rely more on their Own Currencies for Trade, the Dollar and the Euro decline … Read more

Chinese Yuan Quickly Becoming an International Currency

News Analysis: Chinese Yuan Quickly Becoming An International Currency bodes well for other Nations of the World: It gives those Countries an additional Financial Choice. As Small Examples: a Government can engage in Arbitrage of its own currency against the U.S. Dollar or the European Euro. In  doing so, the value of its Currency Reserves … Read more

China Construction Bank Opens Its European Headquarters in Luxembourg

News Analysis:  A goal of omnipresent use of the Chinese Yuan [Renminbi] , throughout the international banking community, will be facilitated by such bank openings. An increase in Yuan bank deposits in a multitude of countries will assist this process. Present U.S. Dollar denominated banking will subside over the years as the profligate spending by … Read more