☆ United Arab Emirates Reluctance Over British Typhoon Aircraft Grows

News Analysis: Arab Aircraft Purchasers, just like others “Big-Ticket” Buyers in the World, want Good Fundamentals to be offered to COMPEL THEM to choose a particular Weapon System. These Basics are not limited to, but include: Performance, Reliability, Cost To Purchase, Cost To Maintain, Deliver-ability, and, Manufacturer/Purchaser Affinity. 

All too often, the Naïve Western Business Community (NWBC), think because a “Voted-In- Politician”(VIP) is going to meet with  Arab  Customers, these ‘Prospects’ will be “Emotionally Joyous” as to the visit. That they will immediately ‘Sign on the Dotted Line’ and buy the Weapon System the ‘NWBC’ have no doubt. In fact, upon hearing about a ‘VIP’ visiting an Air Show, for example, the Air Frame’s Stock is purchased immediately by the Naïve. The ‘NWBC’ forget that the Decision Makers for such purchases are the Royalty of the Country. As such, Monarchs being impressed by a ‘VIP’  visiting them as a mere salesman is laughable indeed; How Naïve! It is disrespectful of the Monarchy. Inappropriately, in Weapon System Procurements of any kind, the Arab Culture has often  been very poorly judged by the ‘NWBC’.

The United Arab Emirates, in its wisdom, will purchase what IT considers best for itself (as must be the case).

The ‘NWBC’ should stop looking at the others with ‘blinders’ on and instead use “Panoramic Vision”.

As the Financial Growth of the Arab World continues to rapidly accelerate, the Leaders of the ‘NWBC’ will have to admit their past failed approaches to Arab Customers. Once there is Real Contrition by these ‘Failed’ Leaders, they may ‘Wise-Up’ and treat their Middle-East Customers with Actual Respect. Arab Customers have the ENTIRE WORLD from which to purchase what they want. For the ‘NWBC’ to continue treating the Arabs as “Naïve” by sending them ‘VIPs’ , to impress Monarchs, will gain them nothing.  


Reference: http://gulfnews.com/business/aviation/uae-pulls-out-of-bae-eurofighter-typhoon-deal-1.1269109

★ Russian President Vladimir Putin’s View Of America’s Spying On The World

Premium News Analysis: President Putin is an Expert in the World of Espionage. He understands the necessity for a Nation to detect its possible enemies. The United States National Security Agency has been revealed for its Unequalled Omnipresence of  Eavesdropping/Locating Electronically of  Everyone, Everywhere (ELEEE).

In order for Businesses and Individuals to maintain a Modicum of Privacy from ‘Electronic Snooping’, by Intelligence Agencies of various Nations, there are some procedures which can be followed by “Alert Citizens”. These methods are available to the Wise of the World.

There are essentially at least Two Spheres of Transmitted Data in Electronic Communications and One Sphere For Processing and Locating therefrom.

One Sphere is the data “Search Engines” provide. It involves Queries of various sorts, Videos, and established information sources such as Newspapers, etc. This First Sphere tells essentially “What the viewer may be Thinking”.

A Second Sphere is E-Mail Correspondence Business to Business,  Business to Individual, Individual to Business, and Individual to Individual.  As used in this monologue ‘Business’ shall also include ‘Government’. This Second Sphere reveals perhaps, “What the correspondent may be Planning”.

A Third  Sphere for Processing and Locating a Sender or Recipient’s locale is a relatively simple matter of time calculations being performed from certain centers. By measuring time delays to transmission towers as they occur, Algorithms can predict the  location of Electronic Communicators. Thereby, Agencies know: When you where there, Where you are now,  Where you might be going, and, Who you might be seeing. “Quite Impressive” one might think.

The  ‘Effective LONE Wolf’ is great for Motion Picture Fare, but infrequent in Reality.

Civilization is far too complex to have a ‘Unibody” create ‘Catastrophe’. Groups, small or large, engage in the Ideation, Formulation, Persuasion, and Detonation in Man-Made Catastrophes. As a group increases in complexity to perform a Diabolic Task, it becomes more available to Intelligence Agency(s) awareness and scrutiny. The bigger it gets the more vulnerable it becomes to ‘Snooping’.

Many “People in the Know” say that it is Unfathomable that ANY Purposive Man-Made Catastrophe which occurred  since after the Vietnam War, was not be Known In ADVANCE by at least one Nation’s Intelligence Apparatus. Whether it did anything to prevent the activity would depend on the Leaders and any “Vested Interest” they may have; Such is the ‘Real World’.

The Systems and Procedures to which Billions of Dollars have been spent, will not be relinquished at the behest of some naïve and weak Politicians.

The pronouncements that: “ALL DATA COLLECTED IS SOLELY FOR FIGHTING TERRORISM” is based on a premise by ‘Fools who want to fool the Fools with Foolishness’.

Economic data gets transmitted to vested interests tied to the Nation’s Intelligence Agencies many people think. The Nations are run by Politicians; enough said. The Intercepted Data  may be provided to your competitor (for a Price).

There are Methodologies than can be employed to Maintain Commercial Privacy (known by those who have been in the International Business Arena for years). Contact them and they may Sell you their Wisdom (or remain Passive and lose).


Reference: http://www.arabnews.com/news/495156



Illogical Logic Makes for Preposterously Expensive Bomber Projects

News Analysis: Illogical Logic Makes For Preposterously Expensive Bomber Projects is based on U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) Ignoring The National Security Agency’s (NSA) and National Reconnaissance Organization’s (NRO) Proven Capabilities. The adage of old: “A War is Won or Lost Before It Begins” applies in this case.

NSA and NRO monitor both the  Communications and Whereabouts of EVERYONE ON THE PLANET who utilize Electronic Information Exchange (as widely reported in the world media).

Ergo, THERE SHOULD BE NOTHING planned by an Enemy that the U.S. Government would Not be Aware. This apparently has been the case for Decades! As such, Preemptive Air Strikes with Drones could counter EARLY ON Belligerent Behavior of Enemies. Preceding that, communications with the Hostiles could occur (letting them be advised to “Cease and Desist” since their plans are known). Only Fools would proceed under such a warning. If they did anyway, the Drones could De-Activate them.

The Key to Successful Warfare is Correct Anticipation of an Enemy’s Behavior and then Neutralizing his Physical Engagement Capabilities. The United States obviously has the Information Flow from Around the World. All it has to do is correctly assess one’s Intentions and Abilities;  then act accordingly.

The existing Inventory of B-52s, B1Bs, and B2 Bombers are more than sufficient if used in Conjunction with the Present “Early Warning System” provided by  U.S. Intelligence Systems; which are Second To None,  people say.

Since Air Force Planners are always historically  asking for Preposterously Expensive Weapon Systems, Who REALLY BENEFITS from the Public Expenditure: Defense Contractors (who employ former Air Force Generals), many people think. Unfortunately this Vested-Interest Situation(s) occurs at a horrendous cost to hard working Taxpayers.

Those in Washington, D.C. are very proud of the Performance of their “WORLD SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM”(WSS), at an alleged cost of $100 Billion Dollars +/- a Year.

It is interesting to note that the Air Force does not publicly Extol the Virtues of this ‘WSS”; perhaps since it Defuses its argument for the ‘ACTUAL NEED’ for New Bombers.

Since the United States’ Intelligence Goliath works Superbly, Everyone should realize the Chance of an “ACTUAL” ‘Sneak Attack’ on America is as likely as “Catching a ‘Yeti’ in a Butterfly Net”. Reality.

Reference: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-12-06/u-s-bombers-seen-costing-81-billion-47-more-than-plan.html

The NRO Octopus States World Reality

News Analysis: The Octopus States World Reality about the U.S. National Reconnaissance Agency (NRO): It does What it Wants; When it Wants; Where It Wants. The Candor is Refreshing for this type of Activity.  All too often, the “Naïve of the World” did not seek to understand Intelligence Capabilities of Super Powers (nor did the People care). Since recent Lack of Privacy Revelations have been Disclosed and Debated throughout the World, the Naïve are starting to pay attention. The fact that EVERYONE ON EARTH has Less Privacy Today, than in the Past, should concern All.  

The fact that the ‘NRO’ has gone “Public” with its Logo, can be praised for being Forthright about its Ideology of World Espionage as well its Actual Capabilities on Earth; Honesty at Last!


Reference: http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2013/12/06/nothing-is-beyond-our-reach-nro-new-logo-claims/

Germany Communicates Its Extreme Displeasure of Electronic Privacy Invasions by Foreigners

News Analysis: Germany Communicates Its Extreme Displeasure of Electronic Privacy Invasions By Foreigners.  Substantial Cost to the Cell Phone Manufacturer, which is Accused of being a Co-Conspirator, may result. The Economic And Good Will Loss  to the American Cell Phone Manufacturer can be sizable. Its short term Economic Gain by purportedly cooperating in the Cabal may bring it long term Public Distrust. Public Opprobrium has a Long Life.

Beyond the Harmed Country’s ‘Mere’ Displeasure can loom possible  Criminal Prosecution for Secrecy Laws Violations.

Encrypted Communications can occur with German Produced Componentry in  locally Manufactured Equipment ergo, Confidentiality is more probable “in the Short Term”. However, the Decoding Capabilities of the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) are Legendary; It is a “Code Breaker Supreme”.

There are No Long Term Secrets. Reality.

Reference: http://rt.com/news/german-politicians-encrypted-phones-132/

Airline Passengers’ Behavior Screening of Little Value

News Analysis: Airline Passengers’ Behavior Screening is of little value. The United States General Accounting Office has determined the Process of “Next-To-No-Value”. All too often, Important Criteria in establishing such a methodology may be ignored. As examples: “Are passengers exhausted and are acting differently because of this?” or “Are they irritable because of incessant crying by a baby during their flight?” or “Did the Airline Food ‘not agree with them?”. These simple Realities of Flight Situations occur daily. Would A Transportation Security Agency [TSA] Officer be aware of these Conditions Precedent to his first sight of a passenger at an airport? Absolutely not. It is highly likely that these ‘TSA’ “Behaviorists” place little value on such realities anyway.

Many people are of the firm idea that the Overwhelming Amount Of Money spent on “Airport Security” is in reality a “Job Employment Project” by the U.S. Federal Government. ‘TSA’ employees would be considered ‘Unemployed’ without their hire by this Agency [and be shown as such on Federal Labor Statistics]. This reality would be of great embarrassment to the ‘White House’ in Washington, D.C. of course.

One must ask: For the Billions of Dollars spent EACH YEAR on “Airport Security” for “Catching ‘Terrorists'” [as this Federal Program was initially touted], how many REAL “Terrorists” are captured by ‘TSA’, EACH YEAR?

A Government can Ill-afford to Squander Away Scarce Monies, especially when it has a $17,000,000,000,000.00+ Deficit on its books. Reality.

Reference: http://tinyurl.com/kfzqpk8