☆ Touted World Financial Recovery From 2008 Has Legs Of Straw

News Analysis:  Nations’ Central Banks, led by the U.S. Federal Reserve and its  Chairman, who is departing shortly, used up his “Ammunition” against Deflation by keeping Interest Rates near Zero . Now what can he or his Replacement Minion do to lessen rates even further, if needed?

After five and one-half years, where is the “Great Recovery” his Cohorts in the U.S. White House promised voters. The “Shuck and Jive” that the Media have been passing on to the Public originated in the White House.

The touted Stock Market Recovery has been a “Bubble” with no substance to support it. Where are the heavy earnings to support the high Stock Prices? Where is the Abundant Manufacturing and Exports of Goods needed?

Now, Investors around the World appear to be understanding that a “Bubble-Master Created Bubble” may soon burst; as did the Real Estate Market and the Precious Metals Market.

Those who hold Bonds can expect elevated Interest Rates to destroy Market Values of the Low Interest Yielding Bonds fashionable during the “Bearded” Federal Reserve Leader’s questionable Reign.

Those “Masters of the Universe” in Banking, Commerce, and Finance who did not see the Debacle of 2008 looming in their immediate future (at that time) apparently again suffer from Myopia in not seeing the pending World-Wide Slump awaiting them shortly.

As for the U.S. White House and its lackeys, if things collapse, and they get dis-spirited, they can always fly to Las Vegas, Nevada and be entertained by their friends (as they did when Benghazi, Libya was on fire a couple of years ago).


Reference: http://www.thejakartaglobe.com/business/asian-shares-dive-as-fed-cut-sparks-emerging-market-fears/

America-Cuba Banking Conundrum Lacks Diplomatic Enlightenment

News Analysis: America-Cuba Banking Conundrum Lacks Diplomatic Enlightenment contrary to alleged Vocalizations emanating from Washington, D.C.. If America’s Policy towards a new relationship with Cuba is to Germinate, the Toxic ‘Financial Soil’ it is in, is Unacceptable. Since America presently has discussions with ALL other countries of the world, why not have Rapprochement with Cuba? Surely the National Security Agency ‘NSA’ can monitor Cuba’s Leadership and determine viability in Diplomacy with it. ‘NSA’ monitors the entire World.

The vestiges of the ‘Cold War’ are anachronisms which have the ability to taint the image of America in World Opinion;  such Legislative Regulations actualized years ago should be abandoned where Cuba is concerned. That the: “United States of America Fears Cuba” is a Pathetic Joke.

If, the “Rasping Behavior” by Washington is due to a Secret Agenda for Control of Cuba ‘for its mineral wealth’, as many say, that will be revealed eventually. There are No Long Term Secrets. Reality.

Reference: http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/11/28/us-cuba-usa-banking-analysis-idUSBRE9AR0FI20131128

A Bank’s Worst Enemy May be Its Own Bankers

News Analysis:  Forensic Accounting should be an on-going process rather than an after-the-fact event. Since its goals are different than standard accounting, it may find irregularities [and those internally who propagate them], early on. Trust, But Verify.

Reference: http://tinyurl.com/lnk67my