★ Russia Is Developing Its Own 1.2 Petaflop Computer: An Inspired “Activity For Self-Sufficiency” Which All Nations May Want To Pursue

News Analysis: Russia Is Developing Its Own 1.2 Petaflop Computer: An Inspired “Activity for Self-Sufficiency” which All Nations May Want To Pursue (rather than follow other Countries like  “Sheep Dogs”). Since Russia does not want to be at the mercy of other Nations’ Politicians, it has chosen the “Road To Electronic Independence”; (to the dismay of varied Countries’ Politicians’ Puppet Masters, one may presume). It will eventually manufacture all of  the Electronic Components and Systems it needs; not be beholden to others with Nefarious Intentions (with smiles of their faces). This will apply to Commercial as well as Military Hardware one may presume.

Commercial Self-Sufficiency of ALL NATIONS, be it in terms of Energy, Manufacturing, Research, and/or Technology are worthwhile goals to actively pursue.

A Nation that is largely self-sufficient is a much stronger entity than those which must rely on other Countries for its Security. It is far better to be beholden to No Others, than to be a Minion to a “Tyrant”, many people think. Often, a Country with Weak Leaders who lack confidence, will seek out “Alliances” with other Nations; Cooperation is good, Kowtowing is bad. These Politicians effectively make their constituencies Servile to another Country’s Leadership; a Bad Idea!

We think as “Independence of Thought” is an excellent idea for People, it also of “Survival Value” for Nations. Perhaps, Hegemonic Nations, which presently exist, might be Less Truculent if they understand that their Aggressions will not be tolerated by Self-Sufficient Countries.


Reference: http://rbth.com/defence/2014/04/11/russian_military_to_get_its_own_supercomputer_35853.html