☆ 787 Aircraft Lithium Ion Battery Problems Continue

News Analysis:  Some people think the continued Lithium Ion Battery problems of the Boeing 787 Aircraft susbstantiate the need for a re-examination by Aviation Authorities; This of the probability of fire commencing in such batteries on aircraft. This Carbon/Carbon Composite Aircraft CANNOT tolerate a fire incident without possible serious results. If such an event were to occur it would become a “Nightmare Liner” to its Manufacturer.

Various Aircraft Engineers think the Airframe grossly mis-judged both the Electrical Demands and the Electrical Supplies necessary for this Aircraft when it was designed. Now, existing customers and potential customers might consider how such negative events created by questionable design assumptions might impact their own Airline Flight Operations.  

The inherent frailties of Carbon/Carbon Composite Fuselages for Commercial Aircraft: Delamination, Detonation, and Flammability, which was already known for years by Aircraft Structural Engineers,  must also be reckoned with by Operators.

Reference: http://www.townsvillebulletin.com.au/news/breaking-news/boeing-confirms-new-787-battery-incident/story-fnjbnvta-1226802191933