★ California, World’s Sixth Largest Economy, Has Its Drought Emergency Worsening

News Analysis: California’s Drought, the worst in its 153 year History, brings about a dilemma for Farmers. They use  34 Million Acre Feet of Water out of an available total of 43 Million Acre Feet

(An ‘Acre Foot’ is 325,853 U.S. Gallons); Water that is diverted from groundwater, lakes, and rivers. The outlook for measurable rain throughout the State looks very grim for at least the next 90 days per U.S. Government Weather Officials.

The Plethora of Fruits and Vegetables produced in the State is legendary. The three elements of: Abundant Water, Rich Soil, and, many days of Sunshine were California’s ‘Natural Inheritance’. Now, the ‘Game’ has Changed.

Water Conservation, Politicians love to discuss, is only a ‘Bandage’ Repair to a problem. However, this approach can be enhanced by: Ceasing additional acreage for farming throughout the State; Altering the crop mix from high water consumption Fruits and Vegetables to low usage crops; Botanically modifying both Fruit Trees and Grape Vines to use less water; Removal of  Palm Trees; for they consume up to 1,000 liters (264 gallons) of water a day and do not provide shade. 

An additional observation regarding Water Conservation is the America’s Largess in recently increasing allocations of Colorado River Water to Mexico; this was obviously fashionable but short-sighted. One might think the approximately $25+/- Billion Dollars YEARLY  being repatriated to Mexico from America would allow Mexico to build many Desalinization Plants in their beautiful country with TWO Oceans.

The greater need for California is for an Increase in Fresh Water Supply. This can be accomplished by building Desalinization Plants up and down the coast of the Pacific Ocean. If the fresh water is pumped into local aquifers near each facility, then  neighboring regions could draw off the HISTORICAL ALLOCATION of their neighbor (which would be using the ‘New Desalinated Water’). Like ‘Falling Dominoes’ this step-by-step approach would eventually reach the San Joaquin Valley where most farms of the Northern Half of the State are located.

To those who loathe the idea of Desalinization Plants along the California Coast, one can only say: “Necessity Overpowers Fashion-ability”. 

To Investors, one can envision the “Lowered Supply/Steady Demand” Implications of the Drought on Agricultural and Animal Products of all kinds. Prices will increase and Wise Persons with Forethought will explore areas of the world presently growing crops America can use. Additionally, Livestock being raised overseas could be shipped to the United States. 

For the longer term, Entrepreneurs may seek land, in Non-Drought Regions where they could plant crops or Contract with existing Farmers in other geographic areas to supply Produce for America.

Climate Change is an on-going Natural  Process which provides many Opportunities for those Individuals who both can ‘Connect the Dots’ and realize: “The Glass Is Always Half-Full”.


Reference: http://www.mercurynews.com/science/ci_24933924/california-drought-emergency-declared-by-gov-jerry-brown