Honduras Sovereignty Law Enacted: Investigation, Persuasion, And Then Elimination Of The Narcotics Aircraft Threat

News Analysis: To stop Cocaine Trafficking in Honduran Skies by over-flights going to America, Honduran Officials have enacted a new law. It requires a 18:00 Hours to 06:00 Hours Curfew for aircraft traveling at 5,500 meters (18,044 ft) altitude and at less than 550 kph  (341 mph). These Aircraft typically have no Flight Plans communicated with Officials and are carrying Illegal Drugs.

When detected at night, Honduran Air Force Fighters will approach the suspect aircraft and tell them by radio to land at a nearby airport for searching for contraband. If they choose to ignore the Air Force, they will be shot down.

This “Day Ruiner” Approach to Illegal Drug Transportation will effectively stifle shipments going North to America through Honduran Air Space.

Some people might think this “Draconian” Law is harsh in that it will kill the Traffickers. While, perhaps true, the number possibly killed by this Law is minuscule to the vast number of Americans who die weekly from Illegal Narcotics Consumption.


Reference: http://rt.com/news/honduras-aircraft-drugs-trafficking-822/