Germany Communicates Its Extreme Displeasure of Electronic Privacy Invasions by Foreigners

News Analysis: Germany Communicates Its Extreme Displeasure of Electronic Privacy Invasions By Foreigners.  Substantial Cost to the Cell Phone Manufacturer, which is Accused of being a Co-Conspirator, may result. The Economic And Good Will Loss  to the American Cell Phone Manufacturer can be sizable. Its short term Economic Gain by purportedly cooperating in the Cabal may bring it long term Public Distrust. Public Opprobrium has a Long Life.

Beyond the Harmed Country’s ‘Mere’ Displeasure can loom possible  Criminal Prosecution for Secrecy Laws Violations.

Encrypted Communications can occur with German Produced Componentry in  locally Manufactured Equipment ergo, Confidentiality is more probable “in the Short Term”. However, the Decoding Capabilities of the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) are Legendary; It is a “Code Breaker Supreme”.

There are No Long Term Secrets. Reality.