☆ Is The U.S. Agency For International Development (USAID) Secretly Working For Fidel Castro’s Old Enemy: Organized Crime?

News Analysis: The New Revelation about Continued U.S. Government Harassment of other Countries makes people ask “Is The U.S. Agency For International Development (USAID) Secretly Working For Fidel Castro’s Old Enemy: Organized Crime?”

After the Gangsters were evicted from Cuba in 1959 by the Castro Brothers, another associate of the Mobsters, President Kennedy’s Father, lost his possible Fiefdom of Cuba. President Kennedy is known to have gone to great lengths to try and kill Fidel Castro, as Historical Data has shown; Kennedy wanted to show to his Father he was a “Good Son” who could still had “delivered” Cuba to him, many people thought. In fact, President Kennedy’s “Peace Corps” was a subterfuge for Intelligence Gathering Agents around the World. Unrealistically, he hoped to send some of them to Cuba!

Now, the ‘USAID’ allegedly has been trying to (SECRETLY?) stir up unrest with young Cubans so the Cuban Government would quickly change (another U.S./ Ukraine Upheaval, many ‘International Observers’ state).

 Incidentally, many older Americans think the Castro’s are too “Experienced” to now be fooled by “Phony Cover-Stories” of visiting “Tourists who want to help”; especially if they come from America.

Theoretically if the ‘USAID’ had succeeded in its Cabal, the ‘Mob’ would be ecstatic and their ‘Minions’ in Washington, D.C. would surely be rewarded; typical. Taking over Cuba would allow Bankers to get access to the Natural Resource Riches, i.e. Petroleum, Natural Gas, and other Minerals, and the ‘Shtarkers’ could open up new Hotel/Casinos throughout the Island for the “Freiers”; Big Earnings. Additionally, being so close to South Florida, the mob could establish Cuba as a “Tax Haven” for Americans and others (which their “Political Puppets” in Washington, D.C., would NOT immediately challenge).

The interesting element to this Naïve  ‘USAID’ Fiasco is that those in this Agency and Associated Federal Agencies have not learned the Simple Truth which International Businessmen know: “There Are No Long Term Secrets”; hopefully, the President learns this. 

When International Observers ‘Connect the Dots’, Government Interventions in the name of “Democracy” or other hyperbole really comes down to: MONEY; for Bankers, or their ‘Connections’ (be they Mobsters or Otherwise). THERE IS NOTHING “PATRIOTIC” ABOUT THE INTERVENTIONS, ULTIMATELY: MERELY ‘BUCKS’.


Reference: http://nypost.com/2014/04/03/cuban-twitter-secretly-built-by-us-to-stir-unrest/