☆ German Wind Farm Projects (GWFP) Benefit Project Creators While Investors Get To Dine On “Sour” Kraut

News Analysis: High Yields for Investors in German Wind Farm Projects (GWFP)  has been dismal. Inaccurate Wind Projections, Poor Location Choices, Lack of Quality in Equipment used, Poor Equipment Coordination, and Inept Management have produced losses for many ‘GWFP’.

Since a mere 10% miscalculation of Estimated Wind Energy at a site can create a 30% reduction of anticipated Electricity Produced and Energy Sold.

Some people think the German Politicians in the “Rush to Be Green” did not put on their “Thinking Caps”. It behooved them to  extensively analyze the entire data available on Wind Farms  and the Government’s Methodology to promote the same. Apparently, this did not occur. Glaring irregularities on both Cost and Performance which are now well known were not discussed widely.

The “Ostrich Principle” used by many Environmentalists helped push Politicians to achieve their ‘Rush to Be Green’: Ignore the Costs, The Facts, The Probabilities, The Profits, and Rely on the Imagery (Just like a Hologram). 

The Reality that many people choose to ignore is: Coal and Petroleum are both Less Costly, More Efficient, and have Greater Consistent Reproducibility than any of the Fashionable “New Energy Sources” Marketed.

Hydro-Electric Power and Nuclear Energy are both Clean, Efficient and Reliable but have Cost and Other Issues of Geographic Scale that Governments need to examine.

Promoters who have a lot of “Hot Air” sell ‘GWFP’ to the Leichtglaubig very well. Oddly enough, for the Germans (with their renowned Technical Expertise over the Centuries), this appears to be the case regarding ‘GWFP’. A Promoter’s ‘Money-Maker’; a Investor’s Loss.


Reference: http://www.spiegel.de/international/business/wind-power-investments-in-germany-proving-riskier-than-thought-a-946367.html