In African Tea Farming, Some Countries Have It Dry While Their Neighbors Have It Wet

News Analysis:  Mother Nature may appear to be “Fickle” as to where Rain will occur to benefit Tea Farmers and where She will withhold her Moisture. Presently, Kenya and Uganda are having dry weather while neighbors Malawi and Tanzania are enjoying wet weather.

The lessening of crop yields also affects the quality of the Tea. Presently, $1.90 per kilogram is the Auction Price whereas before it was $2.40 per kilogram.

The Good News for Kenyan and Ugandan Tea Farmers is: “Nothing is Constant but Change”. ‘If it is Dry Today, Tomorrow it may be Wet’ is the Farmer’s Mantra.

The Current trend in the Pacific Ocean today Appears to Be the “El Nino” Phenomena of warmer waters moving towards South America from Asia. If this continues, it will affect Global Weather. If so, perhaps the Tea Farmers of East Africa will all enjoy Mother Nature’s Moisture.