☆ A $391 Billion Dollar F-35 Aircraft Program To Serve Three Masters May Be Expected To Serve None Well

News Analysis:  The 35% Composite F-35 Aircraft is based on the Pentagon’s wishful thinking that Three Different Versions (with Varied Operational Parameters) can be combined into one Basic Aircraft Design. This $391 Billion Dollar Program, the most expensive Aircraft Program ever, displays the Military-Industrial Complex’s Mutual Onanistic Efforts.

The F-35 Cost Savings which were to be realized by this “Three-Into-One” Design Approach from the outset was questionable, at best. The Cost Overages are abundant now while the purported ‘Light-Weight Construction’ has each of these Versions allegedly at or above design limits.

Cracking of Structural Componentry, which is presently occurring in this Aircraft,  may be expected of stressed Carbon Composites may people think. Until the U.S. Air Force reveals if this was Composites or Metals Failure (or both) it will not bode well for an Alleged Super-Maneuverable Aircraft which this was Promoted to Be.

The Public Cannot see how a $391 Billion Dollar Aircraft have so many various ‘permanent’ and temporary problems; as the F-35 Pilots complain that the Aircraft Design does not allow them to see Enemy Aircraft Approaching from the Rear of their F-35’s (due to poor obstructed Fuselage Design).

As for the Air Frames’ Vaunted Cad/Cam Design Capabilities perhaps “Garbage In; Garbage Out” (GIGO) applies to their Multifarious Incorrect Engineering Assumptions. These errors have now been evidenced by these many problems such as “Structural Cracks” and “Shorter Aircraft Life Spans”.


Reference: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-01-28/lockheed-f-35-develops-cracks-pentagon-s-tester-finds.html?cmpid=yhoo