Bulgarians Detect And Fight Congo-Crimean Hemmorhagic Fever From Ticks

Alert medical professionals discovered a patient suffering from contagious Congo-Crimean Hemorrhagic Fever [C.C.H.F.] and immediately responded to treating the victim. Since C.C.H.F. is understood by many, to be a ‘cousin’ of Lyme Disease, a serious and more widespread malady, Bulgarians are responding accordingly.

Extreme Aches, Chills, Fever, Nausea, and Bleeding [anywhere from the Mouth to one’s Groin] is the progression. If there is continued collapsing of blood platelet production, which the body uses to stop bleeding, fatalities occur in patients.

The Etiology of C.C.H.F. is recognized as being of Tick transmission to a bitten victim. However, sophisticated antibody testing is needed, but might not reveal specific antibodies being generated to fight C.C.H.F. Antibodies to C.C.H.F. are NOT present in the body for five days. Medical personnel have very little time to identify, then begin treatment so the hemorrhagic episode does not commence, cascade and kill the patient. The antibiotic, Ribavirin, among a few others, may be given to the patient, for typically for 14 to 21 days, to eliminate the pathogen.

It is essential, that all medical personnel, treating the patient, wear appropriate apparel, gloves, and masks so they do not become sick from C.C.H.F.; this being, historically, the fate of some physicians elsewhere, who treated their C.C.H.F. patients.

The Bulgarian Medical Professionals should be recognized for their performances in recognizing the problem and then attacking it forthwith. A patient’s survival is a precious thing.

Reality: From a small insect, a great calamity for man, can develop.

Reference: https://www.novinite.com/articles/204998/The+number+of+Bitten+by+Ticks+is+Growing%21+Deadly+Crimean+Fever+Is+Registered+in+Bulgaria