☆ New Cesium Clock May Make People More Punctual?

News Analysis: Installed in Boulder, Colorado, U.S.A., is a National Institute Of Standards and Technology, Cesium “Atomic” Clock. The Clock measures the frequency of 9.1 Billion Vibrations a Second of the Caesium Atom in its internal Transition. This new Clock is maintained at a temperature of approximately -193 degrees Celsius ( -315.4 degrees Fahrenheit). Background radiation is lessened, thus reducing an impediment to accuracy of such a clock. Accuracy is to One Second Per 300 Million Years!

Perhaps Comedians, in their monologues, will hypothesize: “The New Cesium Clock May Make People More Punctual?”

One thing that is said by International Businessmen is: “Tardiness is Rudeness”. To this statement we add: ‘Time is Money’ (Let Others Squander it, Not Us). We do not care to deal with such Profligate Persons, even with something so basic as TIME (an ‘Item’ that is Absolutely Irreplaceable).


Reference: http://www.scmp.com/news/world/article/1464873/us-starts-atomic-clock-accurate-one-second-300-million-years