Air India Disenchanted With Told ‘Tales’ Of New Aircraft Fuel Burn Efficiencies, Etc.

News Analysis: When A Commercial Aircraft Manufacturer “Talks The Talk, It Must Walk The Walk”;  especially with alleged Misrepresentations regarding Estimated Fuel Burn Efficiencies and projected Dispatch Reliability.

Air India had apparently succumbed to the “Lighter Is Better” (LIB) (without defining ‘Lighter’) ‘Marketing Hype’ some say, then purchased significant numbers of the Composite Aircraft; presently, to its Chagrin, many people suggest.

‘LIB’ did have an immediate positive impact on the price of the Aircraft Manufacturer’s Stock (to the delight of some of the Top Retiring Managers who helped think up the ‘scheme’). The Mass Media ravished praise (on that which they new little about) further raising the price of the Stock.

The Engineering Model for this Aircraft apparently made both “Drastic” Engineering Assumptions regarding its “Complete” Composite Construction (from different vendors), Disregard of Flammability Potential, Its Heavy Reliance on Electrical Power (forgoing Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems), and its Projected Weight vs. its Actual Empty Weight. As an amalgam of all these changes in Aircraft Construction, Logarithmic rather than Arithmetic Changes ensued. This reality to the cost of Billions of Dollars for the Air Frame, Years Late Deliveries, Poor Line Quality in Assembly, and poorer Fuel Efficiency than Advertised many people maintain.

Some Aircraft Engineers suggest that the Shorter Life Span built into the design of this Aircraft (by virtue of its Composite rather than Metal Construction) will further tarnish Air India’s View of its purchases.

People suggest that perhaps a Meditating Shiva can provide some direction in this Continuing Conundrum which Air India, acting honorably, did not bargain for.