When Rats, Who Cannot Take The Heat, Think There Is A Fire, Are Prone To Abandon Ship

News Analysis: The Usurping of the U.S. Constitution’s First and Fourth Amendments along with the Abandonment of Sacrosanct Worlds’ Right To Individual Privacy by some American and British Civil Servants is causing the Interlopers grief. Their Haughty Days of Privacy Invasion are getting the “Light of Day” focused thereon. Like Cockroaches scurrying in the dark, they abhor visibility.

Today’s Nomination in Norway of the “World Revelation Master” should give other Cockroaches even more pause to think.

The FACT that these Civil Servants have produced NO PROOF that they have thwarted ANY Terrorist Attack Against America should produce shame for them. Lacking integrity, these ‘Sociopaths on a Spurious Mission’ do not care one iota about Privacy Invasion of the World.

The Countries which have substantial Privacy Invasion Laws should consider legal action against these Rats for their Thieving Actions. Perhaps a few years in Prison would make them realize the errors of their Sociopathic Behaviors they Committed Against Everyone In The World.

What International Legal Authority did they have for committing these Invasions for Many Years?

Their Elected Political Bosses (who disclaim knowledge of the scope of the Crimes) are no better than these Civil Servant Cockroaches.

This situation should be declared to be “Legalized Organized Crime By International States.”


Reference: http://rt.com/news/gchq-head-resign-snowden-339/