☆ Computers’ “Heartbleed Bug” Was Not To Be Government Corrected For ‘Bleeding Hearts’

News Analysis: Computers’ “Heartbleed Bug” Was Not To Be Government Corrected For ‘Bleeding Hearts’ by the U.S. National Security Agency’s (NSA) Personnel people say. Since the ‘NSA’ allegedly had been working on such a ‘Bug’ for its own purposes for several years, why would it not want to enjoy a ‘Free Lunch’ with an Existing Software Flaw it discovered?

As We have maintained for years, the ‘NSA’ has remarkably ‘Bright’ People working for it and, a Budget to Match! It is now pretty much Omnipotent and Omniscient, like it or not. While we decry Invasions of U.S. Citizens’ Right to Privacy as Guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, we also understand both “Power” and “Justice”. The adage: “Justice Occurs When The Entity With The Power Says It Has; Nothing More” might seem a little harsh to the Naïve; to  experienced ‘Internationalists’, this Actuality is well understood. In this Instant Case, the ‘Power’ (NSA) determined ‘Justice’ was served with ‘Non-Disclosure’ of this “Heartbleed Bug”.

Perhaps, all of the ‘Silicon Valley’ Information Technology (IT) ‘Geniuses’ the Mass Media love to fawningly adulate, will realize the “Heartbleed Bug” should have been discovered YEARS AGO by THEY and/or their ‘IT’ Peers around the World; It Was Not. Could it be that rather than paying such generous Salaries and giving ‘Stock Options’ of substantial value to Managements in Software ‘IT’ Companies, more of the profits would be better utilized in seeking out “Heartbleed Bugs” and their Cohorts? Is not Silicon Valley the “Apotheosis of Information Technology In the Entire World”? Mass Media reports indicate it is; could they be mistaken?

“Bleeding Heart” Masters of the ‘IT’ Universe at Software Companies about the ‘NSA’s’ Lack of Disclosure of this ‘Bug’ is sort of like the “The Pot Calling The Kettle Black” many people think; Disingenuous at Best, Hypocritical at Worst.


Reference: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/04/13/us/politics/obama-lets-nsa-exploit-some-internet-flaws-officials-say.html