☆ There Are No Long Term Secrets

News Analysis: Former U.S. President Bill Clinton allegedly told former U.S. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner that he should get Mr. Lloyd Blankfein, Goldman Sachs C.E.O., into an alley and “Slit his throat”. Such a reprehensible comment by the former U.S. President shows an obvious ignorance of the fact “There are No Long Term Secrets”. What one says or does in today’s world will become public knowledge eventually. Despicable comments by U.S. Presidents will be noted even sooner than that.

If such a comment had been made by Mr. Blankfein about Mr. Clinton, even in jest, the U.S. Secret Service would have interrogated him and the U.S. Attorney General might file charges against the vocal aggressor. 

It is interesting to note that other world leaders, past or present, such as Mr. Hu Jintao or Chinese President Xi Jinping, are far too wise to indulge in naïve hostile rhetoric aimed at a world business leader such as Mr. Blankfein. To think of German Chancellor Angela Merkel making such a pronouncement would be unbelievable. Such able World Leaders and International Businessmen know that if there is one universal enduring truth in Global Commerce or Government it is: “There Are No Long Term Secrets”.

The alleged comment by the present resider in the U.S. White House, as stated by unidentified members of his staff, “I am good at killing people”, as has been reported in the news, also displays a naivety of gigantic proportions about his view of his ordering  drone attacks on civilians in the Middle East. 

Perhaps Presidents of the United States should study the Chinese Culture and gain some of its wisdom, from thousands of years of its existence. Then they might understand why Mr. Xi and  Premier Li Keqiang think positive thoughts and deeds (so that their “Good” which goes around, comes around and prospers their country).

As for legitimately aggrieved Mr. Blankfein, we will continue to wish him the best now and into the future. He is a man who has been unreasonably besmirched by a lesser individual. As the adage goes: “Just consider the source”.

Reference: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/may/9/bill-clinton-shocks-quip-goldman-sachs-ceo-slit-hi/