Qatar Airlines: Pleased With Airbus, Far Less So With Another

News Analysis: Airlines need their New Aircraft on or before their Contracted Delivery Dates (as it appears Qatar will be joyously receiving with its Airbus A350’s). They are tiring of hearing about Aircraft Delays from other Air Frames. It seems that some Air Frames “Promise the Moon” (especially in terms of estimated low fuel burn and projected on-time reliability).

The Benefits of the Technologies the Air Frames now promote, such as All Composite Construction, say next to NOTHING about Structural De-lamination due to Stress (or Cosmic and Solar Radiation at Cruise Elevations), Detonation like a ‘Shattered Egg’ (when the fuselage hits the airport runway as when landing-gear failure arises), nor Flammability of the Carbon/Carbon Composite Construction (from even little Lithium-Ion Batteries).

As the Administrations of Airlines commence to “Wise-Up” to the Games played by SOME Airframes, they will cease being “Freiers” who are easily influenced by the Chicanery offered by Air Frame Marketeers.

Any time a new Aircraft is YEARS LATE in its Delivery to Customers means that the Scope of Work Was Not Properly Estimated and Assets (Human and Financial) were not properly allocated (as also might be not properly estimated is the Aircraft’s Performance, Fuel Burn, and Dispatch Reliability)