Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a Stealth Approach in Submarine-Style Plotting

News Analysis:  Trans Pacific Partnership [TPP] Is A Stealth Approach In Submarine-Style Plotting by a Few Countries. Absolutely fearing the “Light Of Day” with Public Disclosure of Discussions, Cabal Members remain silent. Like Cockroaches, they fear Exposure.  The designed omission of China from the Plotters Scheme reverberates loudly to all who are aware of the Nefarious Pact. Additionally, reported ‘Agreement Terms’ of the ‘TPP’ are Grossly Unacceptable to many people who have been ‘Unauthorized” reviewers who are really concerned about citizens’ economic welfare.

Countries who Publicly Espouse Democracy and Fair Play should not engage in Surreptitious Behavior. Their  Hypocrisies dissuade the World Citizenry; When will they ever learn this Principle? The “Masters Of The Universe” [Government Leaders’ “Handlers”] who really Establish Vested-Interest Directions, should realize: “Long Term, There Are No Secrets”. Reality.