Good Health for International Businessmen

Global Experience with Tools that Actually Work

We have both travelled globally for many decades, and also, have been visited by many associates and friends from around the world. During all of these activities, it has been our intent to do so while exercising good ‘Health Practices’ [Diet, Exercise, Rest, et al]. This, so that we might perform close to 100%; both mentally and physically.

During our approximately sixty years each, in International Business, for many of us, we have learned to evaluate ourselves daily: Blood Pressure, Body Aches, Body Temperature, Energy Level, Mood, Pulse, and Visual Acuity. In doing so, we have found that there are many ‘Tools’ available to help us perform maximally: Amino Acids, Herbs, Metals, Minerals, and Vitamins. As we are all International Businessmen, not Medical Doctors, our ‘Bottom Line’ is: “What actually works for each of US.”

It can be easily assumed that there are a multitude of options, and variations of those options, which can perform equal to, or better than, that which we use. So be it. However, we use: what performs for us; what we trust; and these ‘Tools’ which are the least ‘intrusive’ of our daily performances. International Businessmen, cannot afford the luxury of ‘others’: Ennui; Excessive Aggression, General Shoddiness, or Sarcasms; let the hoi polloi not be in control of their behaviors and  mental faculties, not us.

Good Health is Agenda Number One

Since we collectively have worked, and are working, on a ‘24/7/365’ day basis, year in, year out: “Good Health is Agenda Number One”. Due to the fact, often,  that much of what we do takes place in very cold, very hot, and/or very humid climates, make our daily tasks more formidable. To endure, one can be in fair condition; TO SUCCEED, ONE MUST BE IN EXCELLENT HEALTH. We aggressively seek out the latter.

In the normal course of legitimate business, unfortunately, some of us have had the added burden of having been Poisoned [a few of us multiple times], Shot, and /or Stabbed. We have found that people with hidden agendas may go to great lengths to thwart legal commercial activities in various countries. The morality of the Marketplace is not very high. These untoward events gave us further incentive to stay healthy so we might enjoy life and prosper. The various chemical formulations we use, have genuinely helped us conquer that which to which we were exposed.

These ‘Tools’, many of which Medical Doctors may be unfamiliar with the particular benefits we seek, have nonetheless worked for us. 

To questioning Physicians we might ask: “What did you do for yourselves personally when you were poisoned, shot, and/or stabbed?” It is our intent to inform interested readers of the health benefits, we have been exposed to, and personally used. These, assets are from communications with ‘health professionals’ around the world, and from testing on ourselves.  Also, included is published data from respected medical sources. To those few readers who refuse to accepts the data, we say: “That is your problem; not ours. We know what works for US.

“While they do not tell you what to take to stay healthy, we will inform you of what we have been using to stay performing and influenzas-free.”

James S. Priamos

We have NO INTENTION of mandating, nor suggesting, products for readers. Instead, let them all enjoy this information; for many it may be intellectually beneficial, for others, perhaps not. But for all to realize, “Many decades, by many people, in various countries, attest to the viability of these ‘Preparations’.” 

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