Coronavirus “CV19”: A Product Of Mother Nature, Or A Product Of A Laboratory [But Who’s?]

It is always fascinating for us, in International Business, to witness the vast number of people who wear ‘blinders’ in their reviews of events of major importance to the world. Perhaps, we think that part of the problem is the M.D.’s and Ph.D.’s, as they increase their education specialties: “Know more and more about less and less”[KMAMALAL]. This focus, eliminates virtually any ‘out of the box thinking’ [OOTBT] by them. Any such ideations are mere “Conspiracy Theories”, not worth a scintilla of Salt [NaCl to them]. A good example, as we have written before, was the causal relationship of bacteria to Stomach Ulcers. The OOBT of the Scientists, who made the discovery, were derided by the Medical Professionals for years. Today, the reality of the causation is accepted.

Now, Virologists are stating that the CV19 Genome ‘CGG-CGG’ Sequencing ‘Software Instructions’ are not to be found in Nature; but are “Laboratory created by Man”. Evidently, the ‘Directions’ are too rare a combination to be a credible sequence of natural iteration occurring over time. Additionally, as we had written before, the four Lysine molecules [positively charged] are conjoined to the CV19 ‘Spikes’; this makes their attraction to the negative charge of the cell body overwhelming, we understand. The fact of the aforementioned do not occur in Nature, is not to be castigated by the “Experts”.

As we have written before: “Why is it not possible that monies for laboratory equipment, facilities, and personnel, paid for by a ‘Billionaire[s]’ or ‘Centi-Billionaire[s]’ could not have created Coronavirus CV19? If ‘Government Laboratories’ in nations can create it, are ‘Private Laboratories’ (NGO’s) “immune” from such performance considerations? If a group of people had a certain ‘Social/Political’ agenda they wanted to emphasize, why not use a ‘weapon’ which offers plausible deniability in its inherent matrix: “The Flu” [Historically, not unusual for humanity to endure again].

We submit for thought: If coincidentally, a National Laboratory was working on viral ‘Gain of function’, and others elsewhere, were aware of such research [and/or were funding such with that laboratory], what better timing would there be for the ‘Billionaire[s] to ‘release his/their “Viral Concoction of Coronavirus CV19” so the national laboratory would be blamed! A further step might be, other competitive nations to the National Laboratory might decide to gain from the negative publicity their Mainstream Media might propagate against the ‘economically successful country’. There are no long term secrets.

The above scenarios, the KMAMALAL’s would not understand such ‘Anti-Social Attack’ to a ancient culture even being possible. After all, they know what their professors taught them in Medical Schools: “Ulcers are caused by stress”.

Reality: There is much more to the intricacies of ‘Life’, than the information found in a mere text-book. The “Key” is to “Think”.