America: Steal Dollars, Go To Prison; Steal Votes, Go To The White House

Remarkably, we in International Business, think that the current Rasmussen Poll, evidences a ‘Awakening of the Sheep Herds across America’ [to the earlier plunder, of legitimate votes in November, 2020’s Presidential election, by Bleating Wolves]. The ‘efficacy’ of the “Silent Coup d’Etat'” which took place, while predicted by some of us, from earlier ‘seisms’; those being emanated, in a variety of ways by the multitude of culprits involved, was rather obvious. We thought beforehand, all of the ‘Alphabet’ Agencies and Departments would participate in the sham [from ‘top to bottom’]. The more interesting aspect was the collusion at the ‘States’ levels in the ‘Coronavirus [CV19] Calamity, Chaos, and Collaboration’ superficial ‘Sells Job’ to the Sheep as to ‘Mail-In’ Voting procedures. This being done, without ‘States’ Legislative approvals [by and large] evidences, we think obvious effete leaderships in the ‘States’ Executive and Legislative branches, at best. The fact of mere un-elected bureaucrats conjoining up with the aforementioned characters, evidences the ‘Sheep’ not hearing, or not discerning, the ‘facsimile’ bleats of both ‘Canis Lupus’ and especially, ‘Canis Rufus’.

The speed of the transition to a 180 degree vector change from the previous administration, evidences a tremendous amount of pre-election planning by the cabalists. In talking to many of our friends and business associates ‘here, there, and everywhere’, the odor of a even earlier administration merely being recycled, has been detected.

The immediacy of America becoming the ONLY nation in the world to be seeking alien CV19 personages, en masse, without testing them for virions, is remarkable. The immigrants recruiting level emanating from the President of the United States, while jeopardizing all Americans, evidences: Either a disdain for the citizenry of America; a lack of mental comprehension of what the ‘Devil’ has wrought; and/or complicity with hostile nations who will benefit by a U.S. medical paroxysm of the greatest magnitude. Perhaps this behavior is evidence of nihilism at its connotative worst.

All of the U.S. Government Agencies, Departments, many members of the House of Representatives, Senate, and Supreme Court Justices exhibited the “Greatest Crescendo Of Silence About A Coup d’Etat’ Taking Place”, in world history, many people think. It is our opinions that the perpetrators and their acolytes will eventually go down in history as “Benedict Arnolds” nothing more.

The ‘bottom line’ of all the efforts which took place, and obviously cost several billion dollars to ‘Scam the election’, is what a Greek shipping magnate stated about politicians and the Puppet Masters’ Masters that run them: “They are: Crustier than mollusks on my ships’ hulls; Dirtier than bilge water; Make more noise than my ships’ engine rooms; Stink more than sulfured fuels my ships burn. America is the biggest and crookedest card game, with the most money in the world. Politicians know it is worth billions to ‘Own America’ for four or more years. What do you expect? Saints?”.

Reality: The Silence of the Lambs is often less revealing than the Silence of some particular Wolves, who typically bleat. Wise Shepherds, in addition to watching their flocks, listen for sounds, then look to see which way the winds start to blow.