★ Nicaragua Commences Cross-Country Canal Construction: Canal Shipping Rate Competition Will Ensue, As Well As Will Shipping Companies’ Efficiencies To Help World Trade

News Analysis: At the close of 2014, Chinese Investors have joined with their Nicaraguan counter-parts to begin work on the $50 Billion Dollar Nicaraguan Canal. Since Nicaragua commences cross-country canal construction: Canal Shipping Rate Competition will ensue, as well as will Shipping Companies’ Efficiencies to help World Trade. The advanced-looking Chinese will have helped to assure development of Central America by this project. 

This 278 kilometer (172 mile) canal will allow super-heavy ships of up to 400,000 tons to traverse Central America. It will be 30 meters (98 feet) in depth. With an anticipated 2019 completion date, less costly freight rates of approximately 30% should be realized. Proceeding from Brito to Punta Gorda, Nicaragua, 5,000 estimated vessels may traverse this canal.

To those people of Nicaragua, who have a very low standard of living, this project will be very helpful, immediately and in the future. Construction will employ an estimated 50,000 people who will work on this project. 

Nicaraguans, as People of their Tropical Environment, will now have the Financial Resources to help the Flora and Fauna with which they live, daily. This secondary benefit of having Capital with which to deal with Environmental Issues is essential in the Real World.

“Fashionable Environmentalists” who abhor development of geographic areas in which they do not live, should open up their wallets and donate significant monies to such important subjects; mere decrying vocalizations about World Developments are as valuable as another grain of sand on a large beach.


Reference: http://rt.com/business/216943-nicaragua-project-canal-construction/