☆ With Financing, Buyers Will Buy

News Analysis: U.S. Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im) Financing makes it possible for people around the World to purchase American Goods; with Financing, Buyers will Buy. On more expensive items such as aircraft, financing is essential for all but the most capitalized of Corporations or Individuals. For years, the Good Work of  ‘Ex-Im’ have allowed the Exports of American Goods to occur (despite, in some recent cases, slowdowns of sales such as American Electronics due to the U.S. National Security Agency electronic monitoring of the world; for which foreign buyers object).

Many people think that the Hundreds of Billions of Dollars  given by this President (in his first 30 days in Office) should have been DIRECTLY GIVEN to ‘Ex-Im’ rather than Commercial Banks.

It is obvious the Commercial Banks did not loan the monies to Corporations to spur employment (as the Politicians mislead Americans into thinking). The ‘Oblique’ Funding Route costs more money to service.

While  the American Public thinks ‘Ex-Im’ has ‘Bankers’ working for it, Citizens are of the opinion Commercial Banks have “Banksters” working for them.


Reference: http://tinyurl.com/kkrvygp