Heathrow Airport Discovers A380 Can Increase Passenger Traffic While Decreasing Costs Via Fewer Aircraft Operations

News Analysis: The Large A380 is helping Heathrow Airport by Increasing Passenger Traffic but lessening Airplane Operations per year. Increased traffic means more Direct Revenue to the Airport Authority by passenger counts; as well as expenditure by passengers while at the Airport for Food, Entertainment, and the like. Taxis, etc, which are charged for Airport Passenger Drop-offs and Pick-ups contribute also to the Revenue Stream.

For Intercontinental Routes of either ‘Hub’ or Point-to-Point Configuration, the A380 will make “Cents” and Sense for Wise Airlines. Passengers will certainly benefit with the added Comfort and Space afforded by the A380; No “Sardine Can” Configurations for them (as on lesser Aircraft).


Reference: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-01-13/heathrow-defies-capacity-cap-as-superjumbo-aids-passenger-surge.html