☆ ‘Fools’ Who Choose To Cruise, November Through April, Can Be “Rewarded” With Norovirus

News Analysis: The U.S. Center For Disease Control states  that 80% of Norovirus Voyage Cases occur on Cruises from November through April. This temporary Debilitating Disorder evidences itself by causing Cramps, Diarrhea. Muscle Aches, Nausea, and possible Vertigo in Passengers. It is spread by Infected Crew and/or Passengers on everything they touch. Some Physicians are of the opinion that Coughing and the breaths of the ill may also spread the virus.

There is a very interesting aspect of being in Close Proximity to Others on Voyages, and contracting this disorder, during the SAME November through April Time Frame. People Flying in Aircraft FOR HOURS and SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO OTHERS, typically DO NOT have reports of Mass Illnesses like Cruise Ship Voyages;  which have now become Common Events!

“Semi-Belligerent” Passengers on Aircraft (as stated in Newspaper Reports)  are ready to report their Slightest of Grievances readily to Airlines and Governments about their flights; so one would expect Illness Reports during November through April to be prodigious if these were the cases (which it is not). Instead, “Happy Cruise Passengers” become less so with the onset of Cramps and Diarrhea they experience while at sea.

If one thinks about it, National Bus Riders and Railway Passengers should also be afflicted with Norovirus; it appears they are not.

Perhaps something else is at work causing this Obvious Factual Disparity.  It may be that the various Cruise Lines  are doing a dismal job of  their Crews’ Health Screenings to save  money in a very competitive Industry, as some people think.

Travel Planners need to put their “Thinking Caps On” as to the Healthiest Way to take a Vacation. Obviously Cruise Ships, from November through April, are not it.

An Ounce of ‘Selection’ is worth a Pound of Cure.


Reference: http://www.ibtimes.com/what-norovirus-faq-about-common-cruise-ship-illness-1549066