Australia’s Military Buys American “Pigs In A Poke” For Up To $16.4 Billion Dollars; What A Bargain?

News Analysis: Australia’s Military is spending Up To $16.4 Billion Dollars for Two Aircraft Systems: Fighter and Anti-Submarine. The United States Pentagon Head of these Programs admits to Serious Flaws in both Systems. The flaws have been known, but Unsolved for Several Years.

The Fighter Aircraft has numerous Software Problems. Beyond that it is allegedly  less reliable, more difficult to maintain, and is subject to propellant fires from missile hits.

The Anti-Submarine Aircraft, merely a ‘converted’ Commercial 737, is reportedly ineffective for surveillance of the oceans, and detecting and destroying enemy submarines. This reportedly  is due to flaws in the aircraft’s radar ability, sensor integration, and data transfer.

The fact that these problems have not been solved this late in the Development Cycle is Ominous. To say that the problems are “Manageable” is Laughable. Is that “Manageable” but ‘Unsolvable”?

It is presumed by many, Australia will continue on with this Questionable Set of Purchases. Rather than demanding that IT GET WHAT IT INITIALLY BARGAINED FOR, it will acquire much less quality so as to NOT OFFEND its ‘American Military-Industrial Partners’. Apparently, to Possibly Risk the Lives of Australian Military Members, by having accepted “Less Than The Best” will be acceptable, however.