4,000 Australian Sheep Perish On Brief Ship Voyage

News Analysis: “Heat Stress” is allegedly the Cause of Death of 4,000 Australian Sheep which were sent to the Middle East on a ship. The Summer Sun apparently radiated the ship so badly that the deaths occurred over a very short period of time. The ship apparently either had no Insulation or it might have bore “Cosmetic Insulation” of 1930’s Development. The Old Insulation Technologies, like Fiberglass (using ‘Entrapped Air” as the insulator), DO NOT WORK IN EXTREMES OF HEAT NOR COLD. They are ‘Cheap”; as is their Performance.

If the ship in discussion was insulated with “Mega-Temp™ Insulation” one could very reasonably expect an Interior Ship Temperature of approximately 23.8C (75 F) in 40C (104F) Weather because Solar Radiation does NOT effect “Mega-Temp™ Insulation”. Additionally, the light color of this Material would keep the various areas more illuminated with current on-board systems AND Treated Areas of the ship would be much Quieter for the Animals.

The loss of 4,000 Sheep to Heat Prostration is both a Tortuous Manner of Death for the Poor Animals; as well as a Sizable Financial Loss to the Responsible Party(s) involved.

Using the “Active Molecular Insulation, Mega-Temp™” could have saved both the Sheep as well as the Parties involved, financially; Sad.


Reference: http://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/business/wa/a/20787632/mass-sheep-death-on-horror-voyage/