American Railroad Industry Favors Tank Car Safety Improvements

News Analysis:  American Railroad Industry favors Tank Car Safety Improvements partially predicated on two recent Catastrophic Events involving such equipment. Of the 78,000 estimated Tank Cars In-Service throughout America, the majority are liable for possible ignition in an Accident. An estimated $1,000,000,000.00 for their Replacement or Up-grading is required to be spent by Lessors of the Tank Cars to the Railroads.

Investors throughout the World should consider investing in Equipment Trust Certificates for Tank Cars or outright Purchase and Lease to Railroads. These investments  make sense for Railroads world-wide that have Tank Cars. By following America’s Traditional Lead in many areas of Technology, Railroads elsewhere can improve the Safety and Environmental Security of their Equipment.

More adventurous Entrepreneurs may consider buying or establishing Tank Car Manufacturing Facilities since future business is assured by the Ultimate Customers: The Railroads. If these Entrepreneurs take advantage of Proven Insulation Technology they will benefit even more. To wit: New equipment as well as older Up-gradable Tank Cars can benefit with being protected with Mega-Temp™ Insulation. This NON-Foam Spray-On Product could  protect entire Tank Car Surfaces in about Two Hours of Installation Time! Radiant Heat from the Sun does not raise its temperature and Extreme Cold does not affect it. It can be applied In-Doors or Out. Reality.