☆ American “Frackers”: Bankers, Brokers, And Investors Can Feel “Seismic” Tremors In The Oil Bubble

News Analysis: The much vaunted “American Oil Fracking Technology” which the Mass Media loves to extol, is now being confronted with World Oil Over-Supply Realities. For American Frackers: Bankers, Brokers, and Investors can feel “seismic” tremors in the Oil Bubble. Middle East Oil Producers (MEOPs), to their credit, did not cut oil production (as the … Read more

☆ Bermuda Casino Gambling; “Smell Tests” Are Not Required [Due To Sea Breeze]?

News Analysis: The Senate of Bermuda voted to allow for three Gaming Establishments on the island. First one would be built, then the next two would follow. During the Senate debate, the question of strengthening the proposed Casino Law to preclude miscreant behavior was suggested by some Senators. The other Senators thought such negative activities … Read more

☆ When Temperatures Dropped To -52C (-61.6F) Practical Siberians Used Their Personal Strengths To Free Their Frozen Aircraft

News Analysis:  Intrepid Russians, historically noted for their superior perseverance when “things get rough” engaged in immediately solving a thermal problem: Aircraft Tires Frozen To The Ground. When temperatures dropped to -52C (-61.6F) practical Siberians used their personal strengths to free their frozen aircraft! The simple solution of pushing the aircraft fuselage is very unique in … Read more

☆ Three Dimensional Mapping Of Antarctic Sea Ice Thickness Suggests “Global Warming” May Need To Be Changed To Mere “Climate Change”

News Analysis: A recent series of “Ice Field” Investigations (rather than the typical Climate Scientists’ Laboratory Computer Modeling) evidenced Antarctic Ice varying from 1.4 meters (4.5 feet) to 5.5 meters (18 feet). An ‘astounding’ maximum thickness recorded of 17 meters (55.7 Feet) was registered! It seems logical that Three Dimensional Mapping of Antarctic Sea Ice Thickness … Read more

☆ A Business Or Political Leader Who Does Not Lead, Is Not A Leader, But Litter.

News Analysis: In today’s very fast moving world, it behooves everyone concerned to review their leaders, business or otherwise. A Business Or Political Leader who does not lead, is not a Leader, but Litter for his or her subordinates. The: Prestige of the position; the Income derived therefrom; the Expense of maintaining the effete individual, … Read more

☆ Has Mother Nature “Stepped On The Brakes”, For 18 Years, As To Global Warming?

News Analysis: The Latest Accumulated Scientific Actual Measurements indicate that in October, the Earth will have met its eighteenth year without Instrumented Evidence of Global Warming! It appears that the “Experts’” many Computer Models, that predicted ‘Catastrophic Temperature Rises’, evidence the well-known Principle of ‘Garbage In, Garbage Out’ [“GIGO”]. The models missed the mark by a … Read more

☆ There Are No Long Term Secrets

News Analysis: Former U.S. President Bill Clinton allegedly told former U.S. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner that he should get Mr. Lloyd Blankfein, Goldman Sachs C.E.O., into an alley and “Slit his throat”. Such a reprehensible comment by the former U.S. President shows an obvious ignorance of the fact “There are No Long Term Secrets”. What … Read more

☆ Computers’ “Heartbleed Bug” Was Not To Be Government Corrected For ‘Bleeding Hearts’

News Analysis: Computers’ “Heartbleed Bug” Was Not To Be Government Corrected For ‘Bleeding Hearts’ by the U.S. National Security Agency’s (NSA) Personnel people say. Since the ‘NSA’ allegedly had been working on such a ‘Bug’ for its own purposes for several years, why would it not want to enjoy a ‘Free Lunch’ with an Existing Software Flaw it … Read more

☆ Israel: Countries Thinking For Themselves About Their Own Security Interests Is Good; “Lockstep Robotic Behavior” Desired By Nations Is Disingenuous

News Analysis: The Current On-Going Machinations (that commenced more than a year ago in lands adjacent to the Black Sea – by Foreigners) and is hoped by many Nations to deflate, apparently is becoming effete for the Perpetrators of the Cabal. As partial evidence of this conclusion, asking an Ally to join a “Political Bloc” … Read more

☆ Russia Names Three Major Corporations That Are Moving Their Headquarters To Siberia

News Analysis: Russia Names Three Major Corporations That Are Moving Their Headquarters To Siberia as they all have very sizable investments already there and additional future investments in Siberia by them will occur. President Vladimir Putin had appointed Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to oversee the Russian Far East Development to happen post-haste. Both Gentlemen, International … Read more