Uruguay’s Search For Oil, By Australian Experts, Bodes Well For Hopefully Finding Huge Deposits

News Analysis: An expectation of finding up to 902 Million Barrels of oil in just two exploration blocks, gives Uruguayans hope for ending oil imports. The Australian firm leading this exploration activity  is commencing to look for partners to share in this potential bonanza.  Uruguay’s search for oil, by Australian experts, bodes well for hopefully finding huge deposits … Read more

★ Greece: When Following Other Nations’ Leaders Down A Steep Rocky Hillside, Make Sure They Do Not Suffer From Cataracts [Or Hidden Agendas]

News Analysis: The current on-going lethargy in World Economic Markets, which suffered a Real Estate Implosion in 2008 and now is undergoing a predicted Oil Price Implosion, is worsening; This from the current “Trade War” between American and European Union (EU) Members vis-à-vis Russia. Beyond the current sufferings of ‘EU’ Member Greece (due principally to its former Government … Read more

★ Nicaragua Commences Cross-Country Canal Construction: Canal Shipping Rate Competition Will Ensue, As Well As Will Shipping Companies’ Efficiencies To Help World Trade

News Analysis: At the close of 2014, Chinese Investors have joined with their Nicaraguan counter-parts to begin work on the $50 Billion Dollar Nicaraguan Canal. Since Nicaragua commences cross-country canal construction: Canal Shipping Rate Competition will ensue, as well as will Shipping Companies’ Efficiencies to help World Trade. The advanced-looking Chinese will have helped to assure development … Read more

★ Corrupt U.S. Government Employee? Is This Odor To Be Bottled And Sold As Expensive “Eau de Garbage”?

News Analysis: Allegations of corruption and ‘cover-ups’ by the former head of Procurement at the U.S. Veterans Administration [and her superiors]  and now a promotion to a more powerful job at the U.S. Treasury is questionable. Typical denials of any wrong-doing by legal counsel is to be expected; it is getting paid by the alleged … Read more

★ Cuba – The “International Mob” Never Forgets About Possible Assets It Wants, So Others In A Government Do Its Bidding

News Analysis: Havana has recently been subjugated to additional attempts to destabilize the government; this by its Hip-Hop youth. Cuba- the “International Mob” never forgets about possible assets it wants, so others in a Government do its bidding. For the young of Cuba, an amateurish set of plots had germinated from their northern neighbor (a mere … Read more

★ Water, The “Universal Solvent”, Is Also The Universal Traveler

News Analysis: Scientists have discovered that Thirty (30) to Fifty (50) percent of water on Earth is Older than the Sun! Measuring Deuterium ‘Heavy Water’ they discovered that the Sun’s heat did not neutralize Hydrogen’s Deuterium. Hence ‘Heavy Water’, it is suggested, came from afar in the Universe and not from our Sun’s processes. Thus, the … Read more

★ Some Earth Surface Explorations Are As Exceptional As Comet Surface Explorations

News Analysis: Airborne Photographic Analysis by some observant individuals produced an awareness in Siberia of the now famous “Yamal Crater”. Russian Scientists have descended into the crater to extract samples for inspection. Some earth surface explorations are as exceptional as the current comet surface exploration, European Space Agency Rosetta’s Philae Lander on Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, which is occurring … Read more

★ Cuba: International Commerce Cannot Flow Freely When Doors Are Locked Shut By Vested-Interest Politicians

News Analysis: The “Ancient” continuing Cuban Embargo by the United States, reveals more about Washington, D.C. Politicians and their ‘Handlers’ than it does about protecting America from ‘Foreign Aggressors Ninety Miles Off Its Coast’. Since International Commerce cannot flow freely when doors are locked shut by Vested-Interest Politicians, it hurts the entire world (which is … Read more

★ Russia Is Developing Its Own 1.2 Petaflop Computer: An Inspired “Activity For Self-Sufficiency” Which All Nations May Want To Pursue

News Analysis: Russia Is Developing Its Own 1.2 Petaflop Computer: An Inspired “Activity for Self-Sufficiency” which All Nations May Want To Pursue (rather than follow other Countries like  “Sheep Dogs”). Since Russia does not want to be at the mercy of other Nations’ Politicians, it has chosen the “Road To Electronic Independence”; (to the dismay of … Read more

★ Italian-Owned Swiss “Mediterranean Shipping Company, S.A.”, (MSC) Is World’s Largest Container Shipping Line

News Analysis: Privately Italian-Owned Swiss “Mediterranean Shipping Company, S.A.”, (MSC) Is the World’s Largest Container Shipping Line (since Danish Shipping Giant Maersk has decided to adjust its Ship Inventory). Founded in 1970, by Mr. Gianluigi Aponte,  in Geneva, Switzerland, today ‘MSC’ operates 447+ Container Ships with a capacity of 2,314,000+ Twenty-Foot Equivalent Units (Twenty Foot Long Shipping … Read more