Global Debt Of $199 Trillion: The Hole Is So Deep There Is No Light At Its Bottom

News Analysis: The amount of debt in the world has increased significantly since the economic collapse of Circa 2008. Since the Global Debt of $199 Trillion: The hole is so deep there is no light at its bottom, many economists think. Much akin to narcotics addicts insatiable appetites for “Fixes”, so too are the leaders of many Nations; in issuing their Fiat Currencies in uncontrollable fashion. Since there is very little to support the value of their currencies, what is received by purchasers is mere paper with ink on it, little else. They obviously have not gained financial wisdom from the “2008” debacle.
America’s $18+Trillion in debt is axiomatic evidence for how NOT TO MANAGE A COUNTRY’S FINANCES. Since it has fewer unique sought-after products [unavailable through other Nations’ suppliers] it can expect to have less Taxable Income of Export Sales, from which to pay Creditors. Comparable goods offered to the world can be purchased for less, elsewhere. 
Yet, America, at ‘break-neck’ speed, has Washington, D.C. leaders spending money like “Drunken Sailors on Shore Leave”. $4 Trillion in expenditures for the upcoming year, is anti-thetical to Conservative Money Management. All this Administration has done is to “Shackle future generations of Americans with the chains of debt repayment for today’s Washington, D.C. Follies”; sad, but true.
Greece, is burdened with more than $300 Billion in debt, of which it cannot possibly pay from its current level of Gross National Product; it also is a victim of former Corrupt Political and Military Leaders. As with America (principally in Banking), which Financial Miscreants have been prosecuted and have gone to prison for the 2008 “Economic Melt-Down”? None. 
The aforementioned two examples of Mis-managed Countries, is representative of an Endemic Problem facing the World in 2015: “Financial Leadership of Nations by Whim and Caprice”.
It will not take much by (a) Hegemonic Nation(s) with hidden agendas,  to add inertia to this Economic Avalanche that may bury  the World’s Citizenry, and future generations, in a “Snow Bank of Debt”.