Greetings To Each of You For 2015

James S. Priamos Productions, Inc. States to Our Global News & Analysis World-Wide Readers: Greetings To Each Of You For 2015 

We want to thank all of you for the keen interest you have evidenced in 2014 in reading our many Articles about Business, International Commerce, International Relations, Scientific Matters, and Success Attributes (which have been proven over time). The Citizens in well over 100 Countries scrutinized what we said, so, our ‘Roadmap’ Is Clear: Continue to tell it, as we judge it, Reality is the Truth.

2015, is a Year we predict, will be of much International Economic Upheaval (to a degree not witnessed in many decades). As such, we wish to offer the following ‘Real World’ suggestions for evading Business and Economic “Mine Fields”:

  1. Governments have ‘ Associations’ with other Governments”. These are not necessarily ‘permanent’ relationships. They can change as their Political Leaders find ‘greater offerings’ elsewhere. Witness; Russia’s historical assistance, financial and otherwise, with  Ukraine. ‘Greater offerings’ [but not delivered] enticed the ‘Current usurped Leadership’ into the arms of the “West”. Presently, the current Ukraine Government Leaders, one would suspect, would be wondering how Western Promises turned out to be mere holograms.
  2. The Walls Have Ears” (so do ALL Electronic Methods of Communication). The vaunted abilities of the U.S. National Security Agency are unparalleled in its ability to eavesdrop on 210+/- Countries’ Citizens in the World. As such, if you want to keep something secret, communicate physically face-to-face with others, in a discrete location away from others’ ability to hear or see.
  3.  “Keep your ear to the ground if you want to hear the approach of a herd of Buffalo”, the old Indian Adage, is also appropriate today. Listen carefully to what is being broadcast in the Mass Media, and you will hear which way the financial masses are moving. Make your moves accordingly.
  4. Trust, But Verify” all that is important for you. This, as well as all those people who have access to assets, information, monies, and relationships with whom you deal.
  5. To Receive Loyalty, You Must First Give Loyalty” is a premise we have maintained from ‘Day One’. People are untrusting, which is basically sound. As such, they need to learn that they will benefit from associating with you. The quickest way to commence the process is to be loyal to them in the beginning. If they are of good Character, they will respond in kind. If not, who needs them?
  6. Sleep With One Eye Open” is what Principals must do if they want to survive for the long term. Always, assume that others want what assets you have. Due to the fact that they will try to get them one way or another; STAY ALERT [“Even While Sleeping”].
  7. Be Intrepid In What You Do”. Adversities can destroy one or make one stronger. “Play out the hands” dealt to you as best you can; but stay determined in achieving your end goal. If you stick with it long enough and wise enough, Fate, will deal you “Four Aces” in your hand. This we have witnessed time and again.
  8. Fly Straight” with ALL of those with whom you deal. DOUBLE-CROSS NO ONE, EVER! Let others be Fools, not you.
  9.  “A Country Is As Good As It Citizens, Not As Good As Its Leaders.” To have suspicions about possible “Hidden Agendas” of a Political Leader is Wise; especially when his or her “Credentials” are not open to public scrutiny.  Does he or she really represent the voters, or of his or her “Handlers”?
  10. Watch The Money” because most relationships are evidenced through monetary movements. If, for example, an important Nation’s Leader immediately spends billions of dollars the first thirty days in office, consider that person to be owned by those receiving the funds or those above the recipients.
  11. A Mosaic Is Made Up Of Many Small Tiles”. Think and analyze to ‘Connect the dots’ of: Corporations, Individuals, and Nations inter-relationships. If you have done so correctly, a beautiful picture emerges which explains cabals, plots, schemes, or subterfuges [take your pick].   As you gain experience and success in this ‘Art’ you will find it priceless. Many people will pay you handsomely for this skill developed over time.

We hope that the aforementioned eleven suggestions assist you to become more successful in 2015.

As always, we are available for Consultations as to your Subject Needs in a vast array of Business, Economic, International Commerce, Manufacturing and/or Scientific Pursuits.

We are the ‘Affordable Alternative’ for you to ‘Get It Correct’. We Tell It, As We See It.

Contact us in writing on your Letterhead.

Best regards.  

U.S. National Security Agency (NSA): Has The Technical Capability Of Monitoring 193+ Countries’ Citizens; Because It Can, It Does

News Analysis: The impressive World Monitoring Capabilities of the NSA appears to be beyond the capacities of other Countries to interdict for the Privacy Protection of their citizens. As a result, the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) has the technical capability of monitoring 193+ Countries’ citizens; because it can, it does.

It is interesting to note that this Hegemonic Attitude of Washington, D.C., towards other Nations is scantily addressed by the World Mass Media. In fact, it takes the strength of a Brazilian President, Ms. Dilma Rousseff to specifically object to both Privacy Invasion as well as alleged physical intrusion by NSA into the Sovereign Nation of Brazil. One must ask: “What vocal opposition is emanating from other so-called ‘World Leaders’ concerning NSA Right to Privacy transgressions of their countries?” These ‘Leaders’ are as noisy as leaves blowing in the breeze.

Some Political Scientists are of the opinion that the ‘Invasion’ by the NSA into the Territories of other Nations, is tantamount to ‘Military Over-run’ today( as was the WW II ‘Axis’ in the late 1930’s and 1940’s using physical troops). To some, this thought is very frightful: “An Invasion Remotely” (which it certainly is) by a “Privacy Ignoring” U.S. entity directed by the White House. For honest American Citizens, this thought is distasteful, to people of other Nations, it is abhorrent. .

Encrypting electronic data, or establishing another form of Internet?; both would merely slow down the Electronic Deciphering of NSA. It CERTAINLY would not stop it (it is too advanced). Pressure has to be put on this ‘Entity’ through the United Nations and other Multi-National Organizations  such as BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa). Beyond that, an IMMEDIATE cessation of purchasing Goods and Services from American companies who have been directly complicit or supportive of Personal Privacy Intrusions by the NSA. For these large corporations, “Their days will not be Sunny, when customers take away their Money”. Let these corporations apply pressure to their “Lackeys in D.C. ” for correction.

America needs political leaders who are genuinely enamored by the ‘Founding Fathers’ construction of the U.S. Constitution; a Document meant to prevent harassment of America’s Citizenry by their own Government. To date, it does not appear that many such leaders are performing towards this result (who are in “The District of Columbia”). 

The “Over-sight” by the U.S. Government to the NSA practices is laughable, many people say; “Foxes guarding the Hen House” is more suitable, loyal Americans think.



★ Nicaragua Commences Cross-Country Canal Construction: Canal Shipping Rate Competition Will Ensue, As Well As Will Shipping Companies’ Efficiencies To Help World Trade

News Analysis: At the close of 2014, Chinese Investors have joined with their Nicaraguan counter-parts to begin work on the $50 Billion Dollar Nicaraguan Canal. Since Nicaragua commences cross-country canal construction: Canal Shipping Rate Competition will ensue, as well as will Shipping Companies’ Efficiencies to help World Trade. The advanced-looking Chinese will have helped to assure development of Central America by this project. 

This 278 kilometer (172 mile) canal will allow super-heavy ships of up to 400,000 tons to traverse Central America. It will be 30 meters (98 feet) in depth. With an anticipated 2019 completion date, less costly freight rates of approximately 30% should be realized. Proceeding from Brito to Punta Gorda, Nicaragua, 5,000 estimated vessels may traverse this canal.

To those people of Nicaragua, who have a very low standard of living, this project will be very helpful, immediately and in the future. Construction will employ an estimated 50,000 people who will work on this project. 

Nicaraguans, as People of their Tropical Environment, will now have the Financial Resources to help the Flora and Fauna with which they live, daily. This secondary benefit of having Capital with which to deal with Environmental Issues is essential in the Real World.

“Fashionable Environmentalists” who abhor development of geographic areas in which they do not live, should open up their wallets and donate significant monies to such important subjects; mere decrying vocalizations about World Developments are as valuable as another grain of sand on a large beach.



Confidence Games: If Two And Two Add Up To Five, Investors Are In Trouble

News Analysis: An Istanbul, Turkey, Currency Trader, of apparent British origins, is suspected of bilking his clients for more than 130 Million Pounds ($200 Million Dollars). Using various charades, he communicated to his unfortunate investors that he was not able to pay them back  their monies. Now, this apparent  British “Bernie Madoff” style Trader made off with investors’ funds. They should have realized, in  Confidence Games: If two and two add up to five, Investors are in trouble.

We think that in 2015, many more Financial Deviances will be sprouting up like weeds on Wall Street. Accountants, Arbitrageurs, Bankers, Brokers, Fund Operators, (AABBFOs) etc. will be ‘hard-pressed’ in the forthcoming economy, which we foresee. Flimsy investment advice by self-interested “Professionals” will not be able to cope with then-present economic realities. Investors will lose billions of Euros in such investments; this, both due to fraud but also ineptness of judgement.

As always, we suggest: “Trust, But Verify”.

If you want Business and/or Investment Advice, seek out those Seasoned Professionals who put their Clients First, and they, Second. Beware of those “AABBFO” ‘Professionals’ who have the mentalities of Trollops. They will not give you a ‘Treat’ but a ‘Trick’.



☆ Bermuda Casino Gambling; “Smell Tests” Are Not Required [Due To Sea Breeze]?

News Analysis: The Senate of Bermuda voted to allow for three Gaming Establishments on the island. First one would be built, then the next two would follow. During the Senate debate, the question of strengthening the proposed Casino Law to preclude miscreant behavior was suggested by some Senators. The other Senators thought such negative activities were covered already in Bermuda’s Criminal Code. The “Smell Test”  sought, was dispensed with by the majority.

It is interesting for International Businessmen, of which Bermuda has many, to note that the “Free Market Place” is hardly such. Bermuda Is To Have Casino Gambling; “Smell Tests” Are Not Required [Due To Sea Breeze]?

Internationally, there will always be the lurking “Shtarkers” who want to take advantage of the “Freiers” in all economic activities; the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) Scandal is just one example. Another example is the “Afternoon Gold Fixing Rate” in London.

One can find many examples of Accountants, Arbitrageurs, Bankers, Brokers, Fund Pool Managers, and others looking to ways to “Game the System”; the ‘Morality of the Marketplace” currently being a giant ‘Sinkhole’. “Smell Tests” can be very helpful to the Wise.

One should realize that while the aforementioned activities are actual, the adage to those who want to enter this melee is: “If you are afraid of receiving ‘fast ball pitches’, do not get up to the ‘plate’ to bat.”

Smart International Businessmen always ‘Sleep With One Eye Open”.



★ Corrupt U.S. Government Employee? Is This Odor To Be Bottled And Sold As Expensive “Eau de Garbage”?

News Analysis: Allegations of corruption and ‘cover-ups’ by the former head of Procurement at the U.S. Veterans Administration [and her superiors]  and now a promotion to a more powerful job at the U.S. Treasury is questionable. Typical denials of any wrong-doing by legal counsel is to be expected; it is getting paid by the alleged perpetrator. Denials by her superiors at the Veterans Administration of any cover-ups is more troubling. The historical shoddy performances regarding Veterans Care is deplorable, as reported widely in the Press. Now, it appears that the ‘Fix was in’ regarding this person, her ‘pals’, and her superiors, if the allegations are found to be true. Did all of them personally benefit from the business given to the Contractor?

The present ‘On-Books’ indebtedness of the U.S. Government of $18 Trillion has a certain percentage of corruption built into it, one may think. The exact amount will never be known. What is alleged to be known now is that the migration of Corruption from the Veterans Administration to the larger Treasury Department is tantamount to hard working tax-paying Americans asking: Corrupt U.S. Government Employee? Is this odor to be bottled and sold as Expensive “Eau de Garbage”?

For a Nation that is built on “Excellence”, to which Washington, D.C. Politicians allude, one can only opine: “All That Glitters Is Not Gold”.

As to ‘Top Executives’ anywhere, we suggest: “Trust, But Verify”.



★ Cuba – The “International Mob” Never Forgets About Possible Assets It Wants, So Others In A Government Do Its Bidding

News Analysis: Havana has recently been subjugated to additional attempts to destabilize the government; this by its Hip-Hop youth. Cuba- the “International Mob” never forgets about possible assets it wants, so others in a Government do its bidding. For the young of Cuba, an amateurish set of plots had germinated from their northern neighbor (a mere ninety miles away).

Since Sergeant Fulgencio Batista y Zaldivar was ousted, for being a mere “Mob Stooge”, Organized Crime “OC” has been ‘on a terror’ against the evicting Castro Brothers.

Rather than declaring that “OC” wants Cuba for its location for its nefarious activities, and its estimated petroleum deposits, the neighbor to the North, stated it was fighting “Ungodly Communism” (an easier ‘Sell’ to a naïve public). Currently, this same 1950s-1960s Mantra is being used today.

As the majority of countries in the United Nations have voted to end the “Embargo Against Cuba”, political minions of “OC” in Cuba’s northerly neighbor, have pursued this action as zealots.

International Businessmen have the experience to see through the various charades and obvious holograms manufactured by Intelligence Agencies of other Nations. The same group responsible for the continued attempt to get Cuba’s Assets for ‘free’ are allegedly progressing well in Western Europe.

The Western Europe scenario is of a much greater magnitude because the potential “Freebie” this Entity wants to deliver to “OC’ and its Associates in nothing less than Siberia [with its vast natural resources]. Perhaps, like the former Havana of Sergeant Fulgencio Batista y Zaldivar, ‘OC” would establish casinos throughout the “Russian Far East” (RFE)? They could even offer better odds in their casinos since, under this scenario, they would have attained the property for ‘free’; thus having lower Non-Recurring Costs that would have ‘bitten into their profits’ (if they had purchased)?

Fortunately, International Businessmen realize that the aforementioned “OC” ‘RFE’ Fantasy has been, is, and should be, thwarted by Russia’s two Steadfast Leaders. Both of these Gentlemen evidence great skill in playing Chess with avaricious adversaries; the Castro Brothers have also done well.

When the music is being played, are “OCs” owned-politicians singing, or merely lip-syncing?

If one listens acutely, he or she may be able to discern the “Shuck and Jive”.