☆ When Temperatures Dropped To -52C (-61.6F) Practical Siberians Used Their Personal Strengths To Free Their Frozen Aircraft

News Analysis:  Intrepid Russians, historically noted for their superior perseverance when “things get rough” engaged in immediately solving a thermal problem: Aircraft Tires Frozen To The Ground. When temperatures dropped to -52C (-61.6F) practical Siberians used their personal strengths to free their frozen aircraft! The simple solution of pushing the aircraft fuselage is very unique in … Read more

☆ Three Dimensional Mapping Of Antarctic Sea Ice Thickness Suggests “Global Warming” May Need To Be Changed To Mere “Climate Change”

News Analysis: A recent series of “Ice Field” Investigations (rather than the typical Climate Scientists’ Laboratory Computer Modeling) evidenced Antarctic Ice varying from 1.4 meters (4.5 feet) to 5.5 meters (18 feet). An ‘astounding’ maximum thickness recorded of 17 meters (55.7 Feet) was registered! It seems logical that Three Dimensional Mapping of Antarctic Sea Ice Thickness … Read more

★ Water, The “Universal Solvent”, Is Also The Universal Traveler

News Analysis: Scientists have discovered that Thirty (30) to Fifty (50) percent of water on Earth is Older than the Sun! Measuring Deuterium ‘Heavy Water’ they discovered that the Sun’s heat did not neutralize Hydrogen’s Deuterium. Hence ‘Heavy Water’, it is suggested, came from afar in the Universe and not from our Sun’s processes. Thus, the … Read more

★ Some Earth Surface Explorations Are As Exceptional As Comet Surface Explorations

News Analysis: Airborne Photographic Analysis by some observant individuals produced an awareness in Siberia of the now famous “Yamal Crater”. Russian Scientists have descended into the crater to extract samples for inspection. Some earth surface explorations are as exceptional as the current comet surface exploration, European Space Agency Rosetta’s Philae Lander on Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, which is occurring … Read more