☆ When Temperatures Dropped To -52C (-61.6F) Practical Siberians Used Their Personal Strengths To Free Their Frozen Aircraft

News Analysis:  Intrepid Russians, historically noted for their superior perseverance when “things get rough” engaged in immediately solving a thermal problem: Aircraft Tires Frozen To The Ground. When temperatures dropped to -52C (-61.6F) practical Siberians used their personal strengths to free their frozen aircraft!

The simple solution of pushing the aircraft fuselage is very unique in that few other passengers of other countries would even think of ‘dirtying their hands” by engaging in ‘manual labor’ (which was required). Instead, they would probably demand a ‘Tow Motor” be obtained immediately so they could depart. If one was not available, they would probably disembark the aircraft and “retire to the airport for some fresh hot coffee”? The more pretentious of the lot would demand an immediate aircraft replacement to fly them out of the area.

One cannot properly know what conditions or events he or she might face in ‘International Business’ or the  “Trials and Tribulations of Life”. One can remember, however, the aforementioned behavior of these formidable Siberians and remember the adage: “When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going!” 


Reference: http://rt.com/news/208967-russia-frozen-plane-passengers/

☆ Three Dimensional Mapping Of Antarctic Sea Ice Thickness Suggests “Global Warming” May Need To Be Changed To Mere “Climate Change”

News Analysis: A recent series of “Ice Field” Investigations (rather than the typical Climate Scientists’ Laboratory Computer Modeling) evidenced Antarctic Ice varying from 1.4 meters (4.5 feet) to 5.5 meters (18 feet). An ‘astounding’ maximum thickness recorded of 17 meters (55.7 Feet) was registered! It seems logical that Three Dimensional Mapping of Antarctic Sea Ice Thickness suggests “Global Warming” may need to be changed to mere “Climate Change”.

If one calculates the enormous area of Antarctica and conjoins it with the evidenced thicknesses aforementioned, a conclusion that perhaps “World Thermal Chaos Due To Man’s Industries” is disingenuous at best.

The interesting element is that with all of the Technologies and Monies available, and being ‘thrown’ at “Global Warming”, it appear that the Politicians and Scientific Community, have been ‘asleep at the wheel’ in not “Quantifying Antarctic Ice Amounts” THROUGH ACTUAL IN-SEA MEASUREMENTS. Obviously, Nuclear Underwater Navies have a good amount of data regarding this subject. Has the Scientific Community approached the Militaries with Formal Requests for such data? Perhaps not. Some people even suggest that such data retained by governments might defuse the “Herds Wild Rush” towards “Global Warming”; a ‘Environmental Pandemic’ which they support whole heartily.

Furthermore, the basic technology of Sonar Scanning the ice above the “Robots” is not super-exotic; certainly not “Black Program” rated. Yet, the Antarctic Ice Measurements have just recently occurred; what a pity!

It is amazing to realize how quickly ‘Program Software Assumptions’ by “Computer SCIENTISTS” (in warm laboratories) can be technically refuted with the use of a two-meter three-dimensional measuring robot in its “Real World” (Undersea in the Antarctic).

It will be interesting to hear what Politicians say about the vast area of Antarctic Ice and its MEASURED thickness as it relates to their Mass Media Endorsed “Global Warming” Scenario.

Such information released to the Public might ruin the Politicians’ whole day.


Reference: http://rt.com/news/208503-antarctica-thicker-sea-ice/

★ Water, The “Universal Solvent”, Is Also The Universal Traveler

News Analysis: Scientists have discovered that Thirty (30) to Fifty (50) percent of water on Earth is Older than the Sun! Measuring Deuterium ‘Heavy Water’ they discovered that the Sun’s heat did not neutralize Hydrogen’s Deuterium. Hence ‘Heavy Water’, it is suggested, came from afar in the Universe and not from our Sun’s processes. Thus, the Universal Solvent is also the Universal Traveler.

It appears that Water is everywhere in space and not only a ‘local Earth product’ as many people claim. If one considers Water to be omnipresent. then one may infer that chemical elements needed for life have been transported therein and/or therewith. The “Building Blocks of Life”: Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Nitrogen may have been catalyzed with Water elsewhere through the Universe. These pre-biotic chemicals may be more ubiquitous than many scientists think.

Ergo, over the Millennia, Intelligent Life may have developed everywhere.

It will be interesting to watch how many entities extolling “No Intelligent Life Outside Of Earthlings” will try to refute this pre-cursor data to their citizens. After all, they have stated that man went from “Vacuum Tubes” to “Microcircuits” solely with ‘Yankee Ingenuity in a few “Moments of Un-Aided Genius” (as substantial of a construction as a Hologram).


Reference: http://rt.com/news/190832-water-earth-older-sun-system/

★ Some Earth Surface Explorations Are As Exceptional As Comet Surface Explorations

News Analysis: Airborne Photographic Analysis by some observant individuals produced an awareness in Siberia of the now famous “Yamal Crater”. Russian Scientists have descended into the crater to extract samples for inspection. Some earth surface explorations are as exceptional as the current comet surface exploration, European Space Agency Rosetta’s Philae Lander on Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, which is occurring today by the Europeans.

Since the Yamal Crater is an enigma as to its origin, in a similar way is the comet, being landed upon. It is interesting that while man goes millions of miles in Space to decipher the questionable, Earth Surface Enigmas are merely ‘down the street’.

One might argue that expenditures for Earth Surface exploration are much more relevant to Man’s Survival on this “Blue Marble”; this, rather than millions of miles away on a common Ice/Rock Matrix of questionable Cosmic Significance. Yet, both investigations are worthy in that they increase Man’s Knowledge of: What has been, What is, and, perhaps, What will be. More than that, such projects provide “Job Security” for many scientists, technicians, and others who work on such long term government funded cosmic programs. International Businessmen understand this “Make Work Need” of governments. Yet, one might opine that in recessionary economies, such expensive long-term projects provide logarithmic drag on any hope of economic recovery.

The basic problem is most projects are extremely (one-of-a-kind) capital intensive up-front with anticipated YEARS LATER ‘Return on Investment’ (if a mission is a success – of which many are not). Should not such programs should have a “Trust, But Verify” of each and every element of proposals submitted for “Cost/Reward” Analysis?

If projects can be accomplished, as India just did for its Mars Atmospheric Analysis, for a fraction of the cost as America’s NASA Mars Atmospheric Project, should not people ask “how?” Although NASA sought more expanded data than the Indian Project, “Data Per Dollar” results may have been won by India.

Projects can be done in a ‘Smart Manner’, better yet, they can be accomplished in a ‘Wise Manner’. Something to think about.


Reference: http://siberiantimes.com/science/casestudy/news/n0018-exclusive-new-pictures-inside-mystery-siberian-crater/