★ Cuba: International Commerce Cannot Flow Freely When Doors Are Locked Shut By Vested-Interest Politicians

News Analysis: The “Ancient” continuing Cuban Embargo by the United States, reveals more about Washington, D.C. Politicians and their ‘Handlers’ than it does about protecting America from ‘Foreign Aggressors Ninety Miles Off Its Coast’. Since International Commerce cannot flow freely when doors are locked shut by Vested-Interest Politicians, it hurts the entire world (which is presently in an economic slump).

The current 188 Nation Vote for eliminating this Anachronism to “Capitalism” (of which the Washington, D.C. Politicians love to extol) says: ‘It is Time to Change’. Closed doors benefit ONLY those with ulterior motives.

The loss of Cuba by President Kennedy’s father, Joseph, who wanted to create a fiefdom on the island, was thwarted by the Cuban Castro Brothers and their friends. It ruined those ambitions for both he as well as for American and foreign Organized Crime Interests. The island would have provided:  Anticipated abundant Petroleum Reserves; Expanded Casino Gaming; a Tax Haven for Joseph Kennedy’s friends, Geographic Immunity from Prosecution for International Nefarious Individuals, a growing area for illicit high-profit crops, and an entrepot for ‘illegal’ goods.

One should ask if America’s Current Politicians are not still being influenced by those who were ousted (or their successors) to continue a negative drag on the World’s Economy. While they continue their diatribe of the “Threat to America” by Cuba, International Businessmen will see that these “‘Patriotic’ Politicians are really lackeys for the Mob”; nothing more. 

Perhaps, the next couple of elections in America, will bring in some ‘less contaminated’ persons who will thwart the seeking of hegemony on other nations and instead, seek free and open markets so the World Economy can improve.


Reference: http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/china/2014-10/29/c_133749355.htm

Technology Gambling In “Holographic” Casinos May Provide A Thrill; But Will Provide A Chill

News Analysis: Cash being ‘Invested’ in “Silicon Valley” Information Technology (IT) Companies, in particular,  apparently is no longer based on proficient new technologies, rarity of supply, nor Product Sales profitability to the creators. As such, Technology Gambling in ‘Holographic Casinos’ may provide a thrill; but will provide a chill to many Investors.

Today, many business fundamentals have been tossed aside for ‘Sound Bites ‘ about future Software Success. Pitchmen, like those of the past who operated ‘Ponzi Schemes’ are bragging about their ‘Future Great “App”‘ which will revolutionize modern living’. Listeners, often technically unsophisticated individuals with money, toss millions of their dollars towards the Gypsters [as one would enthusiastically bet on the spin of a roulette wheel]. 

Rather than performing “Due Diligence” on the need for the product, its cost relative to the need, and its sustainability in future years of its user, Investors disregard ‘Business Fundamentals’. They open their pocketbooks and let the money flow.

‘IT’ Products so similar in scope, as to almost be violations of Copyright Laws, are offered to the public. Essentially there are ‘Iterations of Iterations’ being offered in the “Holographic Casinos” much like the same plethora of Electronic Slot Machines in actual ‘Gaming Emporia’.

The problem with this scenario is that the ‘Supply’ of “Same-O’s” exceeds the ‘Demand’ for such. As a consequence, like falling Dominoes, ‘Failures over Time’ are assured for Investors.

International Investors should ask: “Is what is being offered, to gain my money, really unique, useful, and sustainable as a selling product over time?” If it is not, then we suggest they take a portion of the amount they were planning on spending and enjoy their time in  actual “Bricks and Mortar” Casinos rather than Silicon Valley’s “Holographic Gaming Establishments”; the odds of winning may be better [or at least they will have had some fun].


Reference: http://www.bbc.com/news/business-29653830

Climate Change Modeling Is Erroneous By “Only” SIXTEEN PER CENT As To Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Absorption By Plants?

News Analysis: ‘Garbage In, Garbage Out’ (GIGO) is alive and well as evidenced by the latest Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Absorption Rates of Flora around the world. Climate Change Modeling is erroneous by “Only” SIXTEEN PER CENT as it concerns this aspect of the Earth’s Environment. Many Scientists would think that number to be evidence of “Blowing It Wholesale” by Computer Modeling ‘Experts’. How would these same Computer Experts like their paychecks short by a ‘mere’ sixteen per cent?

One would be hard pressed to envision another area of Science where the Computer Outputs are ‘so far off the mark’. In Astronomy, Biology, Physics, etc. that percentage would most likely be considered “Egregious Error”. For Climatologists to under play the significance of this blunder says, by offering effete explanations, little for them.

Now the question, many International Businessmen who might be considering investments in Environmental Related Industries is: If the data is so bad, what other incorrect ‘facts’ are being disseminated by the Media? What negative implications might there be for the viability of investments in this area?

While Politicians and other publicity seekers grant interviews about “Global Warming”, which will have the integrity to admit how far off they have been regarding Carbon Dioxide Absorption Rates by Plants?


Reference: http://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-29601644

Good News For Airlines Is Terrible News For Commercial Composite Aircraft Marketing Departments

News Analysis: The ‘Fantasy’ Projections of $200.00 for barrels of petroleum, in the world market,  touted by some Airframe Executives are rapidly becoming non-sensical to Alert International Businessmen. That which is good news for airlines is terrible news for composite commercial aircraft marketing departments.

Lower oil price directions make effete their arguments for spending hundreds of millions of dollars to purchase lighter aircraft to save some aviation fuel (as the fuel gets consistently less expensive). To exacerbate the possible threat to airline financial health, the “$200.00 Per Barrel Of Oil Myth” was created and distributed by the Airframes’ Minions, the Mass Media.

The aforementioned lower price direction gains credibility as American Oil, Brazilian Oil, Egyptian Oil, Gulf States, Iranian Oil, Iraq Oil, Levant Oil, Libyan Oil, Saudi Arabia, Siberian Oil, Venezuelan Oil, and others become available in the world market.  The greater abundance of petroleum will allow refiners of Aviation Fuels to offer lower prices to the airlines. Ergo, why buy  “Lightweight Commercial Composite Aircraft” for hundreds of billions of dollars? Additionally, Aircraft Engine makers are striving to make their products more fuel efficient.

As new Commercial Aircraft become available from manufacturers in China, India, and Russia, their engineers will have had the good fortune to utilize the best elements of other aircraft manufacturers’ designs to incorporate; and, to forgo questionable elements such as all composite construction.  All Metal Aircraft, as proven through many decades in Aviation endures. They will be employing, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and Titanium, so the flying public will have the ultimate in safety in the skies. The lower fuel prices might even make their Airlines Tickets less expensive as an added benefit!

The Wisdom of the Saudis is to be commended, for they can see the direction  Petroleum Technology is headed towards extracting more oil throughout the world.


Reference: http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/10/13/us-oil-saudi-policy-idUSKCN0I201Y20141013

Fashionable Environmental Protection Rules Will Not Mean Much To People Perishing From Cold Exposures Due To A Reduced American Electrical Power Grid

News Analysis: Potentially mis-guided efforts have been made by governmental agencies, using computer modeling, as well as influenced by political rhetoric, to make  myopic choices regarding Environmental Protection. Since fashionable Environmental Protection Rules will not mean much to people perishing from cold exposures due to a reduced American electrical power grid, perhaps Court Injunctions are in order to protect the Public Welfare.

With the American Power Grid losing capacity due to energy source shutdowns, from Draconian Decrees by government environmental agencies, human discomfort, personal economics, and physical safety will be jeopardized, many scientists think.

The efficacy of the Coal Industry’s ability to provide quick energy sourcing, should not be discounted.

It will mean very little to those experiencing cold discomfort of  “Polar Vortexes” that there are some particulates in the air near some Coal Fueled power facilities. Coal as well as Oil are both  proven for their “24/7/365” Energy Production Capacities. Once these facilities are shut down, it would take years to reactivate them, if possible.

To those “Greens” who tout ‘Geothermal Energy’, ‘Solar Energy’, ‘Wave Energy’, ‘Wind Energy’, etc. the facts remain that these systems are: Costly/Energy Value Delivered or Localized (far from Cities) or of Reduced Efficiency, or Transitory (Day/Night).

The American Power Grid losing generation capacity does not bode well for its citizens. Long after the politicians who voted for spurious regulations have left office, and the ‘substitute energy systems’ aforementioned have been proven to be of minimal energy impact,  Americans will continue shivering in the cold. Legacies of inept former politicians who made poor energy choices (in the name of a ‘Clean Environment’) will remain with them and may help warm them up from the internal anger generated by such poor decisions of such people.


Reference: http://tinyurl.com/luttv59


Does A Current Record Of The Large Amount Of Antarctic Ice Bode Well For “Global Warming”?

News Analysis: The current quantitatively measured amount of ice in Antarctica has set a record for the vast area of coverage: 20.14 Million Square Kilometers (7.78 Million Square Miles); this is a record breaker going back to 1979. Does a current existence of the large amount of Antarctic Ice bode well for “Global Warming”? Perhaps not, many scientists say. In fact, Computer Modeling, an ‘Inexact Science’ at best, displays its inherent GROSS inefficiency as it relates to these current measurements of ice.

If one ponders the enormity of over 20 Million Square Kilometers of Ice, it may lead the person to reflect on the “Global Warming” Syllogism. At least one part of it appears quite disingenuous in view of ice’s scalar proportions.

The fact that Scientists have no ‘High Probability’ answer to the on-going chill to the south of the planet might make some of those with a vested interest in finding the truth to “dump’  “Global Warming” (with its connotative value). They can replace it with “Climate Change” a more denotative and accurate representation of measurable activities, of natural processes,  here on ‘Gaia’.


Reference: http://tinyurl.com/nslatkn