★ Cuba: International Commerce Cannot Flow Freely When Doors Are Locked Shut By Vested-Interest Politicians

News Analysis: The “Ancient” continuing Cuban Embargo by the United States, reveals more about Washington, D.C. Politicians and their ‘Handlers’ than it does about protecting America from ‘Foreign Aggressors Ninety Miles Off Its Coast’. Since International Commerce cannot flow freely when doors are locked shut by Vested-Interest Politicians, it hurts the entire world (which is … Read more

Technology Gambling In “Holographic” Casinos May Provide A Thrill; But Will Provide A Chill

News Analysis: Cash being ‘Invested’ in “Silicon Valley” Information Technology (IT) Companies, in particular,  apparently is no longer based on proficient new technologies, rarity of supply, nor Product Sales profitability to the creators. As such, Technology Gambling in ‘Holographic Casinos’ may provide a thrill; but will provide a chill to many Investors. Today, many business fundamentals … Read more

Climate Change Modeling Is Erroneous By “Only” SIXTEEN PER CENT As To Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Absorption By Plants?

News Analysis: ‘Garbage In, Garbage Out’ (GIGO) is alive and well as evidenced by the latest Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Absorption Rates of Flora around the world. Climate Change Modeling is erroneous by “Only” SIXTEEN PER CENT as it concerns this aspect of the Earth’s Environment. Many Scientists would think that number to be evidence … Read more

Good News For Airlines Is Terrible News For Commercial Composite Aircraft Marketing Departments

News Analysis: The ‘Fantasy’ Projections of $200.00 for barrels of petroleum, in the world market,  touted by some Airframe Executives are rapidly becoming non-sensical to Alert International Businessmen. That which is good news for airlines is terrible news for composite commercial aircraft marketing departments. Lower oil price directions make effete their arguments for spending hundreds of … Read more

Fashionable Environmental Protection Rules Will Not Mean Much To People Perishing From Cold Exposures Due To A Reduced American Electrical Power Grid

News Analysis: Potentially mis-guided efforts have been made by governmental agencies, using computer modeling, as well as influenced by political rhetoric, to make  myopic choices regarding Environmental Protection. Since fashionable Environmental Protection Rules will not mean much to people perishing from cold exposures due to a reduced American electrical power grid, perhaps Court Injunctions are in … Read more

Does A Current Record Of The Large Amount Of Antarctic Ice Bode Well For “Global Warming”?

News Analysis: The current quantitatively measured amount of ice in Antarctica has set a record for the vast area of coverage: 20.14 Million Square Kilometers (7.78 Million Square Miles); this is a record breaker going back to 1979. Does a current existence of the large amount of Antarctic Ice bode well for “Global Warming”? Perhaps not, many … Read more