☆ A Business Or Political Leader Who Does Not Lead, Is Not A Leader, But Litter.

News Analysis: In today’s very fast moving world, it behooves everyone concerned to review their leaders, business or otherwise. A Business Or Political Leader who does not lead, is not a Leader, but Litter for his or her subordinates. The: Prestige of the position; the Income derived therefrom; the Expense of maintaining the effete individual, … Read more

☆ Has Mother Nature “Stepped On The Brakes”, For 18 Years, As To Global Warming?

News Analysis: The Latest Accumulated Scientific Actual Measurements indicate that in October, the Earth will have met its eighteenth year without Instrumented Evidence of Global Warming! It appears that the “Experts’” many Computer Models, that predicted ‘Catastrophic Temperature Rises’, evidence the well-known Principle of ‘Garbage In, Garbage Out’ [“GIGO”]. The models missed the mark by a … Read more

Employees Refuse To Fly On Composite Commercial Aircraft They Built

Due to a myriad of reasons, primarily pertaining to design, manufacturing, and quality issues, it is alleged that the composite aircraft, employees are building, are inherently unsafe. Ergo, Employees Refuse To Fly On Composite Commercial Aircraft they built. The uniqueness of their on-camera declarations is almost unheard of in the heavily manipulated American Press. One … Read more