☆ A Business Or Political Leader Who Does Not Lead, Is Not A Leader, But Litter.

News Analysis: In today’s very fast moving world, it behooves everyone concerned to review their leaders, business or otherwise. A Business Or Political Leader who does not lead, is not a Leader, but Litter for his or her subordinates. The: Prestige of the position; the Income derived therefrom; the Expense of maintaining the effete individual, all make it necessary for those who “Pay the Tab” to demand effective Leadership.

All too often today, Journalism Majors,  have little critical experience analyzing Business or Political Leaders of which they write. Yet, they often times pen glowing passages about Political Pals or young Nabobs they adulate. Where is the Critical Analysis? Where is the “Trust But Verify”?  What parameters do they use to judge?

Today, as in the past, a Leader is one who has: Ability to make decisions forthwith, High “Emotional Pain” Tolerance; Prescience of Mind; Tenacity, and a Truth Vindication Perception. He or she KNOWS that LONG TERM the Fateful Decisions made must benefit all of his or her subordinates.

History will correctly judge ALL Leaders both Business and Political.

Narcissists will end up with foggy mirrors.


Reference: http://www.cnsnews.com/commentary/david-limbaugh/obamas-narcissism-threat-national-security

☆ Has Mother Nature “Stepped On The Brakes”, For 18 Years, As To Global Warming?

News Analysis: The Latest Accumulated Scientific Actual Measurements indicate that in October, the Earth will have met its eighteenth year without Instrumented Evidence of Global Warming!

It appears that the “Experts'” many Computer Models, that predicted ‘Catastrophic Temperature Rises’, evidence the well-known Principle of ‘Garbage In, Garbage Out’ [“GIGO”]. The models missed the mark by a ‘long shot’. However, they did induce many Politicians to demand funding for control of ‘Global Warming’ [to the benefit of Business Allies, Charlatans, and the Mass Media (of Journalism Majors)].

Through the many centuries of Man’s Explorations of this Glorious Planet, the “Money Seekers” are nearby, like Hyenas near Carrion. In this case, a former World Political Leader optimized his employment by engaging in the Clarion Call to ‘Save the Planet From Global Warming’. From this effort, many people made much money [as he may have].

Rather than EVERYONE waiting for ACTUAL SCIENTIFIC MEASUREMENTS to be taken and scrutinized, Computer Modeling was used to stir up the thundering herd of Wildebeests.

The Mass Media, wanting for a subject to write about, jumped in with ‘both feet’ and created their ‘Holographic Reality’ of “Global Warming leading to the destruction of Mankind”. Even those in the Mass Media may have earned salary increases from gained readership of this ‘Pending Catastrophe’ [which never occurred]. That ‘Climate Change’ could be a mere ‘Natural Process’ was of NO interest to them. Today, both the North and South Poles have gained increased ice expanses and depths. The “El Nino” Phenomena is largely effete.

Solar flares are much more of a potential problem than “Man’s Greenhouse Gases” ruining the atmosphere. In fact, Natural Processes on Earth contribute more to “Greenhouse Gases” than that created by industry.

Next, the Charlatans can “Computer Model” systems for control of Solar Flares and sell them to a very gullible public [inspired by news releases by the Mass Media]?

The Principle of A.F.A.B. [Anything For A Buck] is alive and well in Corporations, Governments, and certainly Universities [with their Professors seeking grants from the naïve].

The “Aroma of Money Making” is as alluring to some Professors and Scientists as the nasal enjoyment derived from walking into a Bakery making its delights.


Reference: http://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/barbara-hollingsworth/upcoming-anniversary-october-1st-will-mark-18-years-no-global

Employees Refuse To Fly On Composite Commercial Aircraft They Built

Due to a myriad of reasons, primarily pertaining to design, manufacturing, and quality issues, it is alleged that the composite aircraft, employees are building, are inherently unsafe. Ergo,

Employees Refuse To Fly On Composite Commercial Aircraft they built. The uniqueness of their on-camera declarations is almost unheard of in the heavily manipulated American Press. One of the reasons is that this particular Airframe is the largest dollar exporter of American goods in the world. It has been reported widely that approximately $20,000,000.00 of government credits PER PLANE are given to this manufacturer at the Federal, State, and Local Government levels.

The fact  the Engineers and Assemblers have such negative views of this composite construction should give Airline Executives time to ponder if they have been sold “Pigs in a poke”. The world flying public might also want to consider ALL aspects of what these employees have said, prior to booking flights on airlines so equipped with composite commercial aircraft. They may want to consider metal aircraft, which have lengthy histories to them.

It has been widely reported,  Airframe Executives, a few years back,  planning to retire, wanted the price of their Common Stock “Nest Eggs” to be lofty. By promoting Composite Commercial Aircraft as being lighter and presumably using less fuel as a result, airlines would ‘bite the bait’; they did. Considerations of de-lamination, safety in a emergency landing, airframe longevity, etc. were of little concern to these executives. These elements would interplay AFTER they had retired.

The “Bottom-line” scenario for many Airframe Executives is that if one of their aircraft crash, they have insurance, nothing more. Grieving for the victims and their families is not “Proper Corporate Culture”.

The Airframe Employees however, are well aware of such attitudes. You may want to listen to the Engineers and Assemblers. You may have already heard from the Marketing/Sales types wearing suits. But it appears that the Engineers and Assemblers have their legitimate reasons for refusing to fly on Composite Commercial Aircraft [which they built].


Reference: http://tinyurl.com/pfu7wtx