International Businessman Credo

International Businessman Credo An International Businessman understands that: Perseverance, Preparation, and Professionalism, Produce Profits and Progress.   The Road to acquiring the aforementioned Assets takes Dedication, Desire, and Discipline. This, not for just “Making a Buck”, but for enjoying the Challenges, Honing one’s Abilities, Leaping the Hurdles, and Humbly Succeeding without sophomoric Mass Media Adulation. One … Read more

☆ There Are No Long Term Secrets

News Analysis: Former U.S. President Bill Clinton allegedly told former U.S. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner that he should get Mr. Lloyd Blankfein, Goldman Sachs C.E.O., into an alley and “Slit his throat”. Such a reprehensible comment by the former U.S. President shows an obvious ignorance of the fact “There are No Long Term Secrets”. What … Read more