☆ Renewable Energy Investments (REI’s) World-Wide Are Abating

News Analysis: Renewable Energy Investments (REI’s) World-Wide Are Abating many businessmen say; this, because the Return on Investment (ROI) is mediocre at best. All of the Direct and Indirect Costs associated with many ‘REI’s’ are much greater than possible Earnings Over Time.

A big Countering-Factor in the Energy Sector is that Petroleum Reserves are being expanded by both Off-Shore Deep-water Deposits and Colossal Size Oil Shale Fields. As an example, the Oil Shale Field in Venezuela and the one in Russia Ural Area are both individually larger than some countries!

Economically it is difficult to better energy over Petroleum. Many ‘REI’s’ have inconsistent energy production on a daily basis; the Wind may not blow, Solar Cells do not work well at night on mere Starlight. Another difficulty with ‘REI’s’ is energy transport from sources to Humanity. One may find a great Geo-Thermal Vent but there is no way to transmit its Energy long distances to where it may be needed (without extensive Investments). Petroleum is mature as to its Delivery Infrastructure.

While it is certainly fashionable to “Think Green”, International Businessmen know one must also “Think Green” (about Money). Without Money, Their Days Will Not Be Sunny.


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