Chinese Corporation Buys World’s Largest Copper Mine In Peru

News Analysis: Averaging an estimated 90,000 Tons of Copper Concentrate a year, a mine located at south Peru’s Apurimac region, the Las Bambas Project, will help support China’s Cuprous (Cu) needs.

This $5.5 Billion Dollar Acquisition needs pertinent approvals by all relevant parties.

A ‘Cu’ Mine sale of this size will benefit the acquirer for many years. One might expect the value of this property to increase mightily in future years.



☆ Computers’ “Heartbleed Bug” Was Not To Be Government Corrected For ‘Bleeding Hearts’

News Analysis: Computers’ “Heartbleed Bug” Was Not To Be Government Corrected For ‘Bleeding Hearts’ by the U.S. National Security Agency’s (NSA) Personnel people say. Since the ‘NSA’ allegedly had been working on such a ‘Bug’ for its own purposes for several years, why would it not want to enjoy a ‘Free Lunch’ with an Existing Software Flaw it discovered?

As We have maintained for years, the ‘NSA’ has remarkably ‘Bright’ People working for it and, a Budget to Match! It is now pretty much Omnipotent and Omniscient, like it or not. While we decry Invasions of U.S. Citizens’ Right to Privacy as Guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, we also understand both “Power” and “Justice”. The adage: “Justice Occurs When The Entity With The Power Says It Has; Nothing More” might seem a little harsh to the Naïve; to  experienced ‘Internationalists’, this Actuality is well understood. In this Instant Case, the ‘Power’ (NSA) determined ‘Justice’ was served with ‘Non-Disclosure’ of this “Heartbleed Bug”.

Perhaps, all of the ‘Silicon Valley’ Information Technology (IT) ‘Geniuses’ the Mass Media love to fawningly adulate, will realize the “Heartbleed Bug” should have been discovered YEARS AGO by THEY and/or their ‘IT’ Peers around the World; It Was Not. Could it be that rather than paying such generous Salaries and giving ‘Stock Options’ of substantial value to Managements in Software ‘IT’ Companies, more of the profits would be better utilized in seeking out “Heartbleed Bugs” and their Cohorts? Is not Silicon Valley the “Apotheosis of Information Technology In the Entire World”? Mass Media reports indicate it is; could they be mistaken?

“Bleeding Heart” Masters of the ‘IT’ Universe at Software Companies about the ‘NSA’s’ Lack of Disclosure of this ‘Bug’ is sort of like the “The Pot Calling The Kettle Black” many people think; Disingenuous at Best, Hypocritical at Worst.



☆ Israel: Countries Thinking For Themselves About Their Own Security Interests Is Good; “Lockstep Robotic Behavior” Desired By Nations Is Disingenuous

News Analysis: The Current On-Going Machinations (that commenced more than a year ago in lands adjacent to the Black Sea – by Foreigners) and is hoped by many Nations to deflate, apparently is becoming effete for the Perpetrators of the Cabal. As partial evidence of this conclusion, asking an Ally to join a “Political Bloc” will not work for Israel: Countries Thinking For Themselves About Their Own Security Interests Is Good; “Lockstep Robotic Behavior” Desired By Nations Is Disingenuous.

IF the Supposed Foreign Originator of the Plot of the European Coup d’ Etat had properly planned the Cabal. it would not now have to ask other countries to join it in condemning the resultant effects (that it DID NOT foresee, people think). In fact, even the Political Minions in the subject Country are now offering a rapprochement to the “Local Infidels”; some form of Regional Self-Governance perhaps?

As with Computer Programs: Garbage In-Garbage Out (GIGO) also applies to Coup d’ Etats planned by the Inexperienced Arrogant of other Nations. International Businessmen can easily ‘Connect the Dots’; they have seen this type of activity before.

Israel has taken the course of “What is Good for Israeli Security Interests is Good for Israel” (a Logical Argument) rather than having a “Puppet Master” pull a Country’s ‘strings’ as one Super-Power desires. Israel’s Security Interests, many people say, lie best in its ability to defend itself rather than beg for assistance from another Country. Since 1948, Israel has understood its unique situation in the Levant. It does not need to join a “Political Bloc” as to acquiesce to the desires of Foreign Leaders (for later Security Favors).



☆ Russia Names Three Major Corporations That Are Moving Their Headquarters To Siberia

News Analysis: Russia Names Three Major Corporations That Are Moving Their Headquarters To Siberia as they all have very sizable investments already there and additional future investments in Siberia by them will occur.

President Vladimir Putin had appointed Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to oversee the Russian Far East Development to happen post-haste. Both Gentlemen, International Businessmen state, are Declarative, Driven, and Dynamic; they DO NOT VACILLATE (as some other World Leaders seemingly do). Development of Siberia is beginning to gain Momentum with this Corporate Re-location Announcement and other peripheral events taking place. 

Investors and Entrepreneurs, as We have stated many times, presently and in past decades, should seriously consider the Financial Prospects of Funding Siberian Projects (one way or another); “The World Belongs to the Aggressive”.

The Russian Far East has possible collective Natural Resource Rewards far exceeding anywhere else on this ‘Big Blue Marble’.



☆ Ohio, U.S.A., State Authorities Say “Fracking” Causes Seismic Events

News Analysis: Allegedly Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking) of Sediments deep underground by using high pressure water and/or chemicals causes additional stress therein; these are said to be ‘Conditions Precedent’ for Seisms. As more time passes, and additional testing for Earthquakes takes place, will other States declare like Ohio, U.S.A., State Authorities and say “Fracking” Causes Seismic Events? Time will tell.

We think much more Problematic Possibilities occur around the ENTIRE GLOBE with what occurs: which we call “‘Accupressure’ of the Earth”. “Sky Scrapers” being built singularly or en masse in confined locales, i.e., Commercial Centers of Cities causes Great Stress, we think. The PRODIGIOUS MASS of each “Sky Scraper” causes pressure to directly underlying Sub-Strata (Much like a person standing on the edge of a Diving Board; it bends profoundly). We think that “Where the diver is standing on the board (Base, Middle, or End)” is of importance to Deflection as is his mass; so too are “Sky Scrapers” over their Sub-Strata.

A large stress by a building might have less effect to that which is underneath, in a particular locale, yet caused severe deflection of the Sub-Strata located elsewhere (that is: “It’s MASS LOCATION relative to the particular Sub-Strata may be Critical and cause Earth Quakes OVER TIME). Much as a Tectonic Plate may “Dive Under” another Plate, Fracturing of part of the Plate (Seism) relieves pressure build-up. So too, pressure build-up due to “Sky Scrapers” being erected over a particular Sub-Strata may cause it to deflect and release pressure MANY miles away.

Perhaps, New York City, with its multitudes of such “Monsters”, while built on Granite, is stressing other geologies, far afield. If for example, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was struck with a huge Earthquake, would it be connected to the stress caused by the vaunted ” Big Apple”?

Since Ohio, U.S.A., State Authorities declare: “‘Fracking’ Causes Seismic Events” what would they think about Chicago, Illinois, “Sky Scrapers” stressing ‘The Buckeye State’? 

Geologists, who Scientifically Test Our Postulation, will have to be undaunted by severe attacks by “Vested Construction Interests” of Bankers, Insurance Companies, and Real Estate Developers. To some, “The Truth Hurts”.

Seismologists must “Think Outside The Box” and investigate our “Acupressure of the Earth” Theorem since, if verified, its effects may be profound. We offer It to those, with an Open Mind, who seek the Technical Truth.



Novosibirsk’s River Ob Bridge: “A Thing Of Beauty Is A Joy Forever”

News Analysis: Novosibirsk’s River Ob Bridge: “A Thing Of Beauty Is A Joy Forever” is aesthetically, ‘Easy On The Eyes’ many Russian Citizens say. This Largest Bridge in Europe, at an Arch Span of 380 Meters (1,246 Feet), will be completed  at the end of October, this year.

A Structure of Beauty can be Designed and Built just as easy as something Aesthetically Boring; This, IF the Creator(s) have ‘Vision’ and can “Think Outside The Box”; such Capabilities have the Russians.

One can only assume that as their Far East (Siberia) develops, Artistic Monuments in its Infrastructure, will be prevalent throughout its 5,057,938 Mi2.

Since the Natural Resources of the Russian Far East are Beyond Spectacular, Entrepreneurs and Investors will want to consider funding projects therein. As the Political Rhetoric of today fades away, Capitalism will prevail, especially for those who are aggressive and have Economic Vision about this Horn of Plenty: Siberia.



Argentina’s Huge Vaca Muerta Oil and Shale Gas Reservoir Gets Accelerated Development

News Analysis: The huge 30,000 Km2 (12,000 Mi2) Formation has its Shale at a depth of 2,900+/- Meters (9,500 Feet) with an average thickness of 400 Meters (1,300 Feet) covering the entire area. Now, Argentina’s Huge Vaca Muerta Oil and Shale Gas Reservoir Gets Accelerated Development  with an American Oil Company joining an Argentine Concern.

The American Government estimates Hydrocarbons subject to recovery are 16.2 Billion Barrels of Oil and 308 Trillion Cubic Feet of Natural Gas.

Investors who finance such a project as the Vaca Muerta can win substantial monetary returns on a “Sure Thing” as it eventually goes into Production Increase.

The question many Geologists ask: How many other large Shale Oil/Gas Reservoirs are there: besides, the Vaca Muerta; the Orinoco Basin in Venezuela; and the Bakken Field in North Dakota, U.S.A.; and of course the biggest of all, the Bazhenov Formation in the Urals area of Russia.

Beyond being ‘Fashionable’ for being renewable and lower polluting, Alternative Energy Sources OF EARTH are presently Quantitatively Minuscule (a relative Scintilla) compared to available Energy from Vast Petrochemical ‘Reservoirs’ as aforementioned.

Perhaps the “Marketing Capacity (‘Hype’)” of those who promote Alternative Energy Sources is more Productive than the Actual Energy available from those entities NOW; and less of the Petrochemicals to which they remonstrate.

To the Chemical Engineers and Physicists who desire to “Think Outside The Box” regarding this General “Power” Subject, We suggest the “Non-Polluting” ‘Energy Potential’ conjoined with the HUMONGOUS  ‘Quantitative Source Availability” in Sea Water.



Missing Vaginas On Females Are Laboratory Created And Transplanted Into Them

News Analysis: Remarkable Medical Innovation, worthy of Nobel Prizes, in that Missing Vaginas On Females Are Laboratory Created And Transplanted into them. The organs, which originate from the Girls own cells are produced on a Collagen ‘Scaffold’, grown further,  and molded into the proper size to fit the particular person’s anatomy.

The organs grow and function as ‘Originally Designed’ by the “Creator”; these being ‘Replications’ of “His” Work.

A Spectacular Element of this Research and Development is that is will give other Scientists insight into the vast capabilities of the Systems and Sub-Systems Capability of the Human Body.

These Gentlemen who “Pushed the Envelop” of Physiological Knowledge are definitely worthy of Nobel Prizes, if anyone is.



☆ American States’ Rights Get Trampled On By Washington, D.C. Federalists

News Analysis: American States’ Rights Get Trampled On By Washington, D.C. Federalists: How The “Great Communicator” Has Blown It; A Public Relations Debacle By The Unwise (Tortoise Remorse?) many American think.

A One and a Half Century old Nevada Ranching Operation has been thwarted by Federalists: Who seized the Ranch Family’s land; Declared  endangered Tortoises reside there; and said the ‘Sage Brush’ eaten by some cattle thereon was worth $1 Million+ Dollars. The Ranch owner states that his family’s “Ancient” Property Rights precede the U.S. Bureau of Land Management Claims. He will not voluntarily surrender his cattle as partial payment for the Sage Brush the cattle have eaten.

At present, allegedly Eight Federal Helicopters, Assorted Snipers, and Troops with various High-Power Weapons have surrounded the Ranch Premises of the “Sage Brush” Interlopers (who are also the feared Tortoise ‘Threateners’). Perhaps they are “Tumble Weed Terrorists” of which the U.S. Government Electronically Monitors, people ask.

The Public also wonders if the President of the United States will order a “Hellfire” Missile to be shot at the Ranch House; Since he does have past experience overseas ordering such attacks. In fact, since he has taken trips to Las Vegas, Nevada, to be entertained by his friends, he has knowledge of the terrain (having flown over it numerous times).

This happening should give all of the “Elite Special Operations Groups of the U.S. Military” confidence that their Commander-In-Chief, knows how to attack the likes of Civilian Sage Brush Eliminators. After all, “The United STATES of America” (that ‘States Rights’ Advocates like to discuss) is rapidly being replaced by the “Federal Government of America” under the Current Regime in Washington, D.C. (Under the ‘LION’ Principle: “Like It Or Not”).

One does NOT have to read a Teleprompter to see which way the wind is blowing; even in Clark County, Nevada; Loyal Americans do.

Our Estimation of this Totally Escalated/Mismanaged Situation is: A Great Avalanche Can Commence With The Movement Of One Small Rock.



☆ “Cosmetic Loans” Benefit No Debtors, But Do Sound Impressive To The Naïve

News Analysis: “Cosmetic Loans” Benefit No Debtors, But Do Sound Impressive to the Naïve, think many International Businessmen (who heard such Financial Tripe by Politicians before).

If a Government Loan Guarantee will not be accepted by any Lender, for the benefit of  Debtors, it is effectively a “Cosmetic Loan”; as real as a hologram.

As the Adage goes: “If One is to Talk the Talk, He Must Walk the Walk”. It appears that the severe Capital Shortage of a Nation is NOT being aided with a Financial Tranche, but  merely supplanted in Oral Emanations by those whose Real Intentions  may be suspected (EVENTUALLY by the debtors).