☆ Cloud Computing (CC): Naive Companies Can Save A Few Dollars While Losing Their Data To Others; What A Deal?

News Analysis: Cloud Computing (CC): Naive Companies Can Save A Few Dollars While Losing Their Data To Others; What A Deal? ‘CC’ is a Methodology we have advised our International Friends AGAINST for many years. The Risk is Far Too Great in having information potentially flow to others who are Competitors or to Governments around the World.

Many of the ‘CC’ Operations were initially funded, in part, by Intelligence Agencies, it has been said. The gullible “Journalism Majors” who write about Silicon Valley and the like: Either do not know any better; Are “getting greased”; or, Do not care about realities. All of the drivel they toss out to the ignorant about such matters very seldom discuss High Technology Espionage Capabilities of others, to penetrate ‘CC’.

‘CC’ effectively creates a large “Wide Loop” Information Chain that is readily penetrable. Conservatively operated Businesses will opt for a “Narrow Loop” with information stored close at hand by their own ‘Trusted and Verified’ IT Staff. Both systems can be penetrated by professionals, no doubt; but the “Narrow Loop” System is more difficult to enter and easier to identify transgressions, many Intelligence Professionals think.

The Loss of Pertinent Data to outsiders will be much more detrimental to a Company than equipment and wages for an IT Department. Maybe the Christmas Bonuses to Executives is a little less, but the safety to the Company is greatly enhanced.

Why be Penny-Wise and Pound-Foolish? Merely because some Marketeer tied to a “CC’  gives a good spiel about ‘Cost Savings’?

What about Information Loss to hackers or other who work for ‘CC’ Companies? Bribery for other Company’s Data is where one finds it.

Do not be a Sucker. Present ‘CC’ Fashionability can be VERY costly; Be Wise.


Reference: http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2014/mar/31/data-storage-nsa-revelations-businesses-snowden

★ President Vladimir Putin: Big Capability Brings Big Construction Of A Big Country

News Analysis: President Vladimir Putin: Big Capability Brings Big Construction Of A Big Country by his working to bring together the various Elements required to have a successfully operated Nation. The Assets Needed are: A Directionally Motivated Citizenry; Good Capital Assets; Plentiful Natural Resources; Politicians’ Integrity; and, “Stereoscopic Mental Vision” by Managers.

Mr. Putin, many International Businessmen state, is attempting to Re-Develop Russia to its former Greatness of Years Past (and do it during his lifetime).  National Leaders of other countries are increasingly observing that He has the ‘Will to Succeed’ that few others possess anywhere in the World; they respect that Asset. The task of Developing out the Russian Far East (Siberia – 5,057,938 Mi.2) is a gargantuan task that other men would be afraid to tackle; Not Mr. Putin. Another commonly known objective, of this man, is to develop out High Technology (including Large Commercial Aircraft Production).

Many people say, the West, particularly America, feels intimidated by His Desire since its Number One Export Item is Large Commercial Aircraft (Produced by One Aircraft Manufacturer); ‘The Fix Is In’ in Washington, D.C. they say.  The Politicians allowed the Aircraft Company to Monopolize Large Commercial Aircraft Production in America.  A few years ago there were three different Manufacturers of Large Commercial Craft; so much for the ideal of “Competition” in America (Politicians love to discuss to the naïve).

The Natural Resources of Siberia are apparently keeping many Conniving Foreign Bankers and Financiers awake at night; if they can steal the Resources, so much the better they think. Mr. Putin has to be ever alert of this treacherous lot of Thieves wearing Business Suits.

The Russian President is attempting to Steer a Big Ship through deep Seas to his Charted Destination: An Economically Better, More Respected, and Safer Russia.

Foreign Schemers hope his Ship enters a Fog Bank. However, his Seasoned Crew, having an Experienced Captain, will reach his Destination Safely many people say.

At their local Pubs, the Schemers can thereafter, “Cry in their Beers”; a Pathetic Lot.


Reference: http://www.bne.eu/content/who-vladimir-putin-0

☆ “Huge” Hong Kong Hailstones Harass Humans

News Analysis: “Huge” Hong Kong Hailstones Harass Humans from Sunday’s Storm. One can imagine the Hailstones, descending due to Gravity at 32 Feet/Second2 + (due to added downward wind velocity assisting), would give the  ‘F=MA’ Force Formula definite human cognition as people and their possessions were struck.

The Hailstone Growth Cycle is interesting: Water droplets freeze in the higher levels of the storm and then commence to descend. Updrafts propel them (as they are gaining more moisture) back up  to colder regions where they re-freeze and start descending again. The “Down/Up Cycles” may keep repeating until the ever-increasing Mass of the Hailstone is greater than the power of an Updraft to propel it to greater heights; Gravity then Wins.

Damage to: Buildings, Crops, Humans, Signage, and Vehicles, cause Insurance Companies great losses Decade to Decade.

The Power of Nature is to be Respected by the Wise. “Huge” Hong Kong Hailstones Harassing Humans is evidence of this Capability.


Reference: http://tinyurl.com/ktnrrl9

☆ U.S. White House’s Message Is Clear: Imprisoned Illegal Immigrant Criminals, When Released From Custody, Are Free To Stay, Not Deported

News Analysis: Released Criminal Aliens historically, by previous Administrations,  had been immediately deported to the Countries from which they came. Today, in America, the U.S. White House’s Message Is Clear: Imprisoned Illegal Immigrant Criminals, When Released From Custody, Are Free To Stay, Not Deported.

Since America presently has $17.5+ Trillion Dollars in National Debt, it can ill-afford to keep these Criminals in the Country. Daily Nutrition, Job Training, Health Care, etc. are all expensive to maintain for U.S. Citizens in need, let alone for the  “Illegally Entered or Illegally Overstayed” tens of Thousands of “Former” Miscreants. Additional Police Observation and or Criminal Adjudication for “Those who have not learned to act legal” increases the cost.

American Customs Enforcement last year had an estimated 722,000 potentially deportable Aliens  yet only 195,000 were actually brought under its review. A total of 68,000 have been released into the American Population , not deported.

Many people think, perhaps some Washington, D.C. Politicians have a Secret Agenda: Let Social Entropy in America accelerate by the use of a Catalyst: “Snakes in the Grass”. Disorder can bring about:  Martial Law (with Power to run the Country in the hands of a tiny group); or, longer term, the Destruction of America (there are Foreign Interests which would love this).

One must ask: “If Leaders of the Country will not obey the U.S. Constitution; who are “Pulling their Strings”? Obviously, NOT other Patriotic Americans.


Reference: http://tinyurl.com/mmsxwvl

China To Germany Rail Line Beats: Ships On Speed, Airlines On Cost

News Analysis: The 11,000 Km. (6,835 Mi.) Rail Line from Chongqing, China to Duisburg, Germany allow Railroad Trains to traverse the distance in just 16 days. This is faster than Cargo Ship travel between the two cities and far less expensive than Air Freight for the distance.

Since China To Germany Rail Line Beats: Cargo Ships On Speed, Airlines On Cost; it also adds the element of “Shipping Diversity.” The old concept of “One not putting all of his eggs in one basket” applies here.

The Tri-Partite use of Airlines, Rail Lines, and Cargo Shipping Lines is very wise; especially from a Security Perspective. If one wants to damage or steal Particular Products STEALTHILY  en-route to Germany or vice versa, the Shipping Methodology Problem must first be determined. The Second Problem is Tactical: Three Different Environments (Air, Land, or Sea). The Third Problem is Size: Airplane Dimension increased to Cargo Ship Dimension increased to Railroad Train Dimension. The Fourth Problem is Location: Air (Only Airports); Rail (Only Rail Yards); Sea (Only Harbors).

The Environmental Limitations of the Products such as Fragility – Lithium Ion Batteries?(if any); their Cost; their Size and Weight; and their Chronologic Importance to the Customers will all determine which manner of shipping is chosen. Also, Insurance Rates may be less in shipping by Rail.

Asia and Europe both win in Shipping via this 11,000 Km. (6,835 Mi.) Transportation Conduit.


Reference: http://www.arabnews.com/news/548401

☆ Cuba Takes First Steps Towards A Beneficial Economic Journey

News Analysis: Raul and Fidel Castro have promoted liberalizing Foreign Investment Laws so that Cuba Takes First Steps Towards A Beneficial Economic Journey. Economic Realities of the Times necessitate that Cuba increases Trade. Foreign Investment precedes Great Commerce; especially if adequate Capitalization is in short supply by the Sellers.

Hopefully, those American Politicians (who have for Decades acted as the Minions of Criminal Cartels in the United States, which the Castro Brothers evicted), will see the futility of retaining the Cuba Embargo. The Ancient Diplomatic Relic Cover (for Cuba’s Punishment for Illicit Activities being Stopped and the chasing of  Miscreants, who fled 90 Miles North from Cuba), has not benefited the American People.  Many American Citizens think the linkage of Politicians, who still support the Embargo, is due to their Puppet Masters, Organized Crime, continuing to make them Dance by Pulling their Strings. They do the same thing for Cubans living in Southern Florida (decry Castro); a group Organized Crime did NOTHING for when it was ensconced for years in Havana with its partner Sgt. Fulgencio Batista.

Many Foreign entities will increasingly invest in Cuba; especially with “Modern Investment Laws”. The Cuban Government is to be commended for “Seeing the Handwriting on the Wall” and adapting accordingly; albeit at a slower pace than many would prefer. One can understand those Scars which the hostile past created by Foreign Governments against the Castro Family, in particular, have created.

One way to protect one’s Country Assets are with Trusted Foreign Friends who have the POWER to intimidate Greedy Myopic Fools of other locales; those with Nefarious Agendas will soon run away like the Cockroaches they are.


Reference: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-26807489

☆ Air China Commences Beijing Flights To Vladivostok, Siberia

News Analysis: Air China Commences Beijing Flights To Vladivostok, Siberia, since that is where future growth will occur for Russia (as a Natural Resource Supplier to Industrialist China, its Good Friend). 

Vladivostok is the Eastern Terminus of the Vaunted Trans-Siberian Railroad. This location allows for Rail Travel through many parts of Russia as is traverses the country.

The 590,000+ Residents of Vladivostok will benefit by Air China as will the Businessmen located therein. A total of 1,328 Cities in 195 Countries can be routed through Beijing or Moscow for those residing in or visiting Vladivostok by using Air China or its Affiliate Airlines.


Reference: http://tinyurl.com/mgejuwn

Oil Shale Deposit, Bazhenov Formation (World’s Largest), Interests France’s “Total”

News Analysis: The World Famous Oil Shale Deposit, Bazhenov Formation (World’s Largest), interests France’s “Total” as well as many other Oil Companies. This Russian Oil Shale Deposit in the Urals is estimated by the U.S. Energy Department to contain Shale Oil in-place of 1.2+ TRILLION Barrels Of Oil. It is also estimated to have recoverable deposits of 74+ BILLION Barrels of Shale Oil.

As for Shale Gas in-place 1.9 QUADRILLION CUBIC FEET is estimated. 285 Trillion Cubic Feet of recoverable Shale Gas may occur.

The Bazhenov Formation exists on 2.3 Million Km2 (888,035 Mi2); an area the size of Texas and the entire Gulf of Mexico!

Estimates by other Countries’ Governmental and Corporate Scientists put the Recoverable amounts considerably higher than U.S. Estimates. That the Oil Shale Deposit, Bazhenov Formation (World’s Largest), interests France’s “Total” should come at no surprise. French Scientists going back to years even before Madame Curie have had great intellect allowing them to comprehend issues others did not even know existed; such is the genius of the French.

As we have stated over the many years: “Petrochemicals are merely part of  Natural Processes all over the Earth”. Special Interest Groups want the Public to think otherwise (so they can ‘Make a Buck).


Reference: http://rt.com/business/total-lukoil-russia-shale-829/

Fiji Bank Adds Chinese Renminbi Currency To Its Tradeable Portfolio For Its Customers

News Analysis: Fiji Bank Adds Chinese Renminbi Currency To Its Tradable Portfolio for its Customers (joining Countries and Banks World-Wide which understand the Commercial Wisdom in doing so). Fiji Exporters can sell more products to China by using the Renminbi as the proper currency. Importers can now engage in trade without conversion costs to trade for U.S. Dollars. Everyone wins with this Currency.

We think the Renminbi, Distribution-Wise, will quickly surpass the Euro and equal the U.S. Dollar in future years. As America has fewer of its products being sold as “Unique and Unavailable Elsewhere” people will purchase everything else as equivalents or improvements from other countries. Since China is the greater exporter of such goods, trading in Renminbi, not U.S. Dollars, makes sense.

China can quickly accelerate Renminbi Distribution as the ‘Currency of Choice’ by offering Foreigners Renminbi Loans for even purchases of Non-Chinese Products. ‘Jumbo’ Aircraft, Luxury Cruise Ships, and the like, which China does not presently fabricate, would be good candidates for large loans.

The Fiji Bank Adds Chinese Renminbi Currency to its Tradable Portfolio for Customers was astute thinking by smart Bank Management. In such a Commercial Environment, everyone prospers: the Bank, the Countries involved, the Exporters, and the Importers.

The ONLY Good Deal is one in which ALL Participants Benefit; not just a few.


Reference: http://www.fijisun.com.fj/2014/03/29/bred-bank-adds-renminbi-currency/

☆ Anticipated World Oil Glut Is Bad News For Large Commercial Aircraft Builders

News Analysis: Some Aircraft Brokers and Economists think the Anticipated World Oil Glut Is Bad News For Large Commercial Aircraft Builders; for EVERYTHING IS IN SOME WAY RELATED.  For many years the Airframes have been extolling the virtues of lighter Carbon Composite Aircraft because “Oil will soon cost $180 to $200 Dollars per Barrel” many of their Executives declared; very unrealistic at a minimum.

The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) consist of the following twelve Members: Algeria, Angola, Ecuador, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Venezuela; Internationally, a Highly Esteemed Group.

Imminently, Iran, Iraq, and Libya will have their oil flowing globally, as the other OPEC members  hypothetically attempt to reduce Oil Production to keep the price elevated. Perhaps, conflicting with OPEC’s possible strategy is Non-OPEC Oil Produced in America, Brazil, Canada, Norway, and Russia (the world’s largest Oil Producer). As more oil is discovered in the various Oceans and Seas, even more oil will be produced; it is a Natural Process which occurs throughout the Planet, nothing more (many Geologists now think).

Quantitative increases in Oil Production can bring decreases in Unit Cost of Production (so it benefits ALL Producers to Produce and sell more Oil). Greater Petroleum produced and sold, even at a slightly lesser price, can produce more total dollars sold in a year.

Diminution is Crude Oil Prices can translate to Aviation Fuel Savings for Airlines; as aforementioned: Anticipated World Oil Glut Is Bad News For Large Commercial Aircraft Builders.

If Aviation Fuel Prices drop, Airlines may decide to keep their existing planes rather than spending Hundreds of Millions of Dollars PER PLANE to save some fuel.

Additionally, Aviation Gas prices may become impacted by Bio-Fuels in the future. As Engine Builders and Civil Aviation Authorities approve such fuels, they will impact supply levels upward. 

Some Governments are presently thinking of increasing their Revenues by Eliminating Aircraft Depreciation Methodologies en toto. If this occurs, the taxpayers of a Country would no longer being the subsidizers of Aircraft Purchases; a HUGE BLOW to Commercial Airframes. The existing long-term pathetic World Economies are making the Public much less receptive to being  “Sugar Daddies” for Airlines and Commercial Aircraft Builders (in Taxpayers paying for that portion of the Aircraft that has been ‘Depreciated’). If the purchases of Aircraft cannot be depreciated many airlines will not buy as they do now “To Be Fashionable with The Latest Aircraft Iteration”.

As for present Airframe Stock Prices: “Like the Aircraft they fabricate, those which soar upwards can rapidly descend”.


Reference: http://tinyurl.com/qa5tc64