★ Shipyards Which Provide Financing For New-Buildings Create Vessels For Customers

News Analysis: Since Commencement of the World Recession of 2008, Shipyards Which Provide Financing For New-Buildings Create Vessels For Customers; those which Don’t, Won’t. The several Fine and Very Capable Shipyards in Finland have been experiencing this reality for half a decade by losing Bids to other Nation’s Ship Yards or have been losing existing … Read more

☆ Were The Stock Markets’ “Six-Month Look-Ahead Views” Holograms?

It has been historically cited by Economists that Stock Markets ‘Look Six-Months Ahead’ and then act on their Perceptions. It appears that the ‘Historical Highs’ of recent Market Pricing (circa 2013) was based on Mirages. The Lackluster Economy in America, to date, may give one the impression that the “Bubble Masters” who ‘Pumped Up’ The … Read more

☆ Bankers Who Support Tax Evasion Are “Banksters”

News Analysis: Everybody living in their ‘Own’ Countries are expected to abide by, and respect their Laws (including Tax Laws). Moving their Monies to other Countries to escape Taxation may provide Immediate Financial Relief (but eventually, severe Grief). As we have maintained, from decades of International Exposure: “There Are No Long Term Secrets”.  To think that Tax Authorities … Read more

☆ Russia Awards Its Olympic Medal Winners With Mercedes Benz Automobiles

News Analysis: Russia Awards Its Olympic Medal Winners With Mercedes Benz Automobiles as a Display of Appreciation of the Hard Work their Young Adults endured for many years. Now that the successful Olympics have been concluded, these former Amateurs are the recipients of automobiles evidencing a Lesson.  For The Young Of The World: “Be Dedicated, … Read more

☆ Scents From Pine Forests Create Micro-Climates

News Analysis: Perhaps since it has been demonstrated that Scents From Pine Forests Create Micro-Climates, Concerned Billionaires of the World will financially back Environmentalists in planting Pine Forests everywhere possible. This because the Scent Chemicals of Pine Forests rise above the trees and bind with other Molecules and become a “Solar Energy Shield” reflecting the … Read more

☆ American Intelligence Agency Experiences: “There Are No Long Term Secrets”

News Analysis: That the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)  knew about the early aspirations of a Terrorist Leader should be no surprise; it has always been staffed by very smart Special Agents. From the days of its admired Leader, Mr. J. Edgar Hoover, to the present time, it is properly lauded by many. The … Read more

☆ In “Capitalistic” America, The Largest Corporations Get ‘Capital’ Welfare

News Analysis: In “Capitalistic” America, The Largest Corporations Get ‘Capital’ Welfare from Federal, State, and Local Governments. As the Corporations  have to impress their Shareholders, with every increased earnings, when possible, they eat from the Government Trough (by getting numerous Subsidies and Grants); very Chic. American Taxpayers are told of the numerous benefits to their locales … Read more

Cuban World Cigar Sales Soar As The World’s “Havanas” Connoisseurs Enjoy Them

News Analysis: Excepting for America (with its Asinine Embargo), Cuban World Cigar Sales Soar As The World’s “Havanas” Connoisseurs smoke these ‘Works of Art’. Speaking as Enjoyers of Cigars for many decades, as we are, few Businessmen in America see any sense to the Archaic Ambitions of Organized Crime Influenced Politicians who maintain the Embargo. This … Read more

☆ U.S. National Security Agency’s (NSA) Best Friends: Internet Relationship Sites

News Analysis: The American Intelligence Community (AIC) found a ‘Goldmine’ in Internet Relationship Sites (IRS’s). The Very Naïve Public FREELY gives up Personal Information, along with Photographs, to ‘IRS’s’ the amount of data being so substantial even the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation’s late great Mr. J. Edgar Hoover, could never comprehend. The cost to the … Read more

★ U.S. Director Of National Intelligence May Have To Expand His Horizons

News Analysis: The U.S. Director of National Intelligence (USDNI) may expand his Horizons by realizing: “THERE ARE NO LONG TERM SECRETS”. This simple Reality is especially true when lamenting the release of Information by his Own Employees. Perhaps if he were to Expand His Horizons by considering ‘The Great Rule Book: The U.S. Constitution’ (TGRB:TUSC) … Read more