☆ German Wind Farm Projects (GWFP) Benefit Project Creators While Investors Get To Dine On “Sour” Kraut

News Analysis: High Yields for Investors in German Wind Farm Projects (GWFP)  has been dismal. Inaccurate Wind Projections, Poor Location Choices, Lack of Quality in Equipment used, Poor Equipment Coordination, and Inept Management have produced losses for many ‘GWFP’. Since a mere 10% miscalculation of Estimated Wind Energy at a site can create a 30% reduction of … Read more

When Seeing Canada, Visitors All Have Travel Companions: The Canadian Government

News Analysis: It is alleged that Canadian Intelligence Agents are monitoring Visitors to their Beautiful Country as the sight-seers travel about. Perhaps the Canadian Government is of the opinion that all “Visitors Are Potential Terrorists”?  Maybe the Visitors want to spy on Maple Syrup Processing? It may suspect a Terrorist Behind Every Tree; who knows. … Read more

☆ A $391 Billion Dollar F-35 Aircraft Program To Serve Three Masters May Be Expected To Serve None Well

News Analysis:  The 35% Composite F-35 Aircraft is based on the Pentagon’s wishful thinking that Three Different Versions (with Varied Operational Parameters) can be combined into one Basic Aircraft Design. This $391 Billion Dollar Program, the most expensive Aircraft Program ever, displays the Military-Industrial Complex’s Mutual Onanistic Efforts. The F-35 Cost Savings which were to … Read more

☆ Touted World Financial Recovery From 2008 Has Legs Of Straw

News Analysis:  Nations’ Central Banks, led by the U.S. Federal Reserve and its  Chairman, who is departing shortly, used up his “Ammunition” against Deflation by keeping Interest Rates near Zero . Now what can he or his Replacement Minion do to lessen rates even further, if needed? After five and one-half years, where is the … Read more

Peru and Chile: Two Countries In A Mutual Dispute Become Two Winners To Salute

News Analysis: Peru and Chile have received a Ruling from the International Court of Justice, in the Hague,  regarding Maritime Boundary between the two Countries. Of the 38,000 km2 (14,672 mi2) in question, 22,000 km2 (8,494 mi2) went to Peru and 16.000 km2 (6,177 mi2), which was closer to shore, benefited Chile. The best aspect … Read more

When Rats, Who Cannot Take The Heat, Think There Is A Fire, Are Prone To Abandon Ship

News Analysis: The Usurping of the U.S. Constitution’s First and Fourth Amendments along with the Abandonment of Sacrosanct Worlds’ Right To Individual Privacy by some American and British Civil Servants is causing the Interlopers grief. Their Haughty Days of Privacy Invasion are getting the “Light of Day” focused thereon. Like Cockroaches scurrying in the dark, … Read more

Chinese Drank 1.865 Billion Bottles (155 Million Nine-Liter Cases) of Red Wine in 2013

News Analysis:  Red, the Chinese Color of Prosperity, may have influenced Chinese Citizens to enjoy both the Taste as well as the Appearance of the Wines they consumed. Now that China consumes more Red Wine than even France or Italy, Vinologists are ‘Getting the Business Message’ and are working on new Varieties for Chinese Consumption. … Read more

Visitors Pay Good Money To Get The “Cold Treatment” In Iqaliut, Nunavut Territory, Canada

News Analysis: City Fathers of Iqaliut  have taken Pro-Active steps towards the World Aerospace Community to display their City (of 6,700+/- population) as being well situated for Cold Weather Testing of Aircraft. The immediate relatively flat terrain along the 2.7 km (1.67 mi) runway, an American Air Force Creation of 1942,  adds to the values Airframes consider … Read more

In African Tea Farming, Some Countries Have It Dry While Their Neighbors Have It Wet

News Analysis:  Mother Nature may appear to be “Fickle” as to where Rain will occur to benefit Tea Farmers and where She will withhold her Moisture. Presently, Kenya and Uganda are having dry weather while neighbors Malawi and Tanzania are enjoying wet weather. The lessening of crop yields also affects the quality of the Tea. … Read more

They Tell Them What They Want Them To Hear (Not What They Need To Know)

News Analysis: The Myopic Marketing Machinations regarding the use of Composite Materials for Aircraft Construction as touted by Airframes and their Mass Media Minions discuss weight reduction compared to Metal Aircraft. While there will be some weight savings between the materials, as well as some design allowances which are more difficult to achieve with Metals, … Read more