“Crocs” Devour $200 Million Dollars Of Foreign Investors Money At Year End?

News Analysis: Putting $200 Million Dollars into “Crocs” a Company whose “fourth-quarter revenue will be at the low end of what it had expected, and its quarterly loss will match its worst prediction” seems an unusual Investment Strategy some say. Additionally, its C.E.O. is retiring? Perhaps, if the money being spent is only the money … Read more

Climate Change Suggested By Formican Evidence

News Analysis: Formican (Ants) activity, in seeking water, in the Northeast Australian City of Townsville has Pest Abatement companies flourishing this December. A ‘drought’ has brought about this situation. This December, 9.4 mm of rain fell. In December, 2012 it had 14.4 mm and 180 mm in 2011. The Ants are entering abodes to seek … Read more

★ Wealth Advisers: Thousands Are Available Now (To Increase Bankers’ Wealth)

News Analysis: Banks are hiring additional Wealth Advisers, beyond the present Thousands, (to increase the Wealth of Bankers). As more of these people are hired, one must ask: What “Real-World” Experience do they have in: Aeronautics, Agriculture, Building Construction, Manufacturing, Mining, Science, Shipping, or Technology? These are Core Industries, in varying degrees,  for Countries World-Wide. All too … Read more

Super-luminous Supernovae (Magnetars) Lit The Skies 10 Billion Years Ago

News Analysis:  Magnetars (Magnetized Neutron Stars) whose Magnetic Fields are a Hundred Trillion times that of Earth have detonated 10 Billion Light Years away (a Light Year Being 5.8+ Trillion Miles). Their Rotational Energy combined with their collapsing core caused ‘Hyper- Explosions’ (Super-luminous Supernovae). The detonations of Super-luminous Supernovae are 100 times more powerful than Supernovae explosions (which … Read more

NYK Shipping Lines Builds Japan’s First Dual-Use LNG/Heavy Fuel Tugboat

News Analysis: Japan’s Nippon Yusen Kaisha ‘NYK’ Shipping Line has received Japanese Government Funding for this New-Build. This advanced approach to controlling Maritime Harbor Atmospheric Pollution is commendable. It is hoped this vessel will be a precursor for such vessels operating in the heaviest of Harbor Atmospheric Pollution areas of the World, such as the Port … Read more

California, U.S.A., The “Golden Arm” State

News Analysis:  The World’s “Sixth Largest Economy”, California,  also has a Plethora of Customers for Narcotics. Not limited to: “The Movie Industry” (‘Users’ whom have been well reported for decades – Especially when they “Overdose”); Various Novel Writers who use Illegal Methamphetamines; “Silicon Valley IT Nerds”; Los Angeles/Orange County ‘Professionals’; and of course, the oldest Narcotics-User-Profession … Read more

☆ European Union Banking: A “Haircut” And “Shave” For Everyone?

News Analysis: The European Union Banking Agreement recently agreed to, some say, gives False Hope regarding Control Over and Liquidation, if necessary, of ‘Non-Performing’ Banks. Contractually, many various groups would assess the viability of a Bank, and if needed, Bond Holders, Stock Holders, and DEPOSITORS would have to pay for the pending debacle (as was done … Read more

★ 2014 Equity Investments: “Stay Long” Is A Fool’s Song

News Analysis:  As to 2014 Equity Investments, it becomes a Year of less capability of Central Banks to play “Interest Rate Lowering Games” (IRLG)  to Support their Economies. With ‘IRLG’ already, in 2013, at historic lows  in most countries, do Central Banks “lower rates into negative ranges”? Effectively: Do these Banks pay Borrowers for the … Read more

☆ Luxembourg’s Banque et Caisse d’Epargne de l’Etat (BCEE) Flies Through “Stress Test”

News Analysis: The Bank in Luxembourg: Banque et Caisse d’Epargne de l’Etat performed very well in its being reviewed by European Banking Authorities. It has a 16.3% Liquidity Ratio, well above a required minimum of 9% as derived from  “Basel Accord” Provisions. The ‘Liquidity Coverage Ratio’ is set up so Financial Institutions can survive “Tremors” … Read more

★ Bolivia’s Communications Satellite Attains Stationary Position Over Country.

News Analysis: Bolivian President Juan Evo Morales Ayma must be very proud to have witnessed the Communications Satellite Advance for his country of 10.4 Million people. The satellite can easily cover Bolivia’s Territory of  1,098,581 km2 (424,163 mi2). The Satellite was built by a Chinese Aerospace Company and launched in China. It has an effective life expectancy of … Read more